Saturday, September 18

Have I mentioned Afghanistan lately?

Someone tried to assasinate Afghanistani President Hamid Karzai. Can someone explain to me why we fought a proxy war, failed to capture, Bin Laden and crew, failed to secure the peace, and left a piecemeal security force in place, while marching off for a Blue-printed disaster in the mesopotamian sandbox? Anyone?
KABUL, Afghanistan (CNN) -- Afghanistan's interim President Hamid Karzai has escaped what the U.S. military described as an assassination bid when a rocket was fired at his helicopter while he was campaigning for next month's scheduled election.

Karzai was about to land in Gardez, about 100 miles (161 km) south of Kabul, for a road opening ceremony when the missile was fired. He aborted the trip and immediately returned to the presidential palace in the capital.

Eyewitnesses said the rocket flew over Karzai's U.S. military helicopter and 400 supporters gathered to meet him at a school as he was about to touch down, but caused no injuries.

"A rocket was fired at President Karzai as his helicopter was landing," U.S. military spokesman Major Mark McCann told Reuters. "It missed and landed about 300 metres from a school in the vicinity of the landing area."

Taliban guerrillas claimed responsibility but the government said it it did not know who was to blame.
Karzai escaped an assassination attempt in 2002 in the southern city of Kandahar. His security was later tightened.

He has since rarely been seen in Afghanistan outside his fortified presidential palace in Kabul where he is protected by U.S. bodyguards.

When the president and his wife discuss the freedom "endured" by the women of Afghanistan, they are really talking about a three block radius surrounding Fortress Karzai. Outside of that tiny plot of land, it's a case of anything goes, with the heroin producing warlords on the one hand and the resurgent Taliban on the other. I might go so far as to say, that when you add up all the secure land in Iraq and Afghanistan, I doubt that the total exceeds 10 square miles (don't try to fudge the number with uninhabited swaths of desert lands). But don't expect to see or hear anything about this unless it comes wrapped in the context of "trying to help Kerry win the election".