Saturday, September 18

Stupid Talking Points

Now the Gang that can't shoot straight, or for that matter speak without without a forked tongue getting in the way, are trotting out some new insights into the goings on in Quagmiristan. You see the insurgency is all about politics. The Primadonnas of Projection tell us that the Iraqi's are causing all this mayhem because they wan't Bush to lose the election. There is simply no other reason that they can fathom. You see, in the Bush administration, everything they do involves the calculus of political expediency, they aren't about governance, just about maintaining power (and looting the treasury).

Yesterday the leader of the cool kids club, Tim Russert started the ball rolling during an interview with affiliate stations. From Atrios, via Eschatonian "pol"

By the way, the interviewers asked Timmy, since everything is a mess in Iraq and word is seeping out, would not Russert's claim possibly be in question. Russert gave some garbage that it is believed that the insurgency in Iraq is possibly intentionally aimed at getting Bush defeated!
Media Matters is all over the twelve car pileup, that represents the Republican Talking Point propagation and projection machineā„¢, sometimes referred to by the beleagered Republicans as the "Liberal Media". Mortimer Kondrake opens the show.
KONDRACKE: There's clearly a campaign going to raise the level of casualties. And I think this is a rolling tent is what we're seeing, you know, like 1968 in Vietnam, designed to discourage the United States from persisting in the -- and maybe even trying to help elect [Senator] John Kerry for all I know.
For all I know? This is what passes as informed comment from the pundit class? Jesus, for all I know Dubya can't do a lick of work without a couple of Ben Wa balls singing their sweet melody inside his ass. Or was that a snoot full of brandy coke, or a mouthful of cock. Let's have a look at the coreography of coordination.
Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage alleged Friday that insurgents have stepped up their deadly assaults in Iraq because they want to "influence the election against President Bush," a statement that drew a sharp condemnation from the campaign of Democratic challenger Sen. John Kerry.

It is apparently the first time that a Bush administration official has linked the escalating violence in Iraq to an effort by insurgents to help defeat Bush in November.
Expect to hear this new line of defence often this week. Judy Woodruf and Wolf Blitzer will no doubt be asking anyone whithin earshot "Are the insergents trying to help Kerry?" followed by "What do you think he promised them?" followed by, "If you look closely, you can see that this is a picture of John Kerry firing a Rocket propelled grenade at our troops". You heard it here first folks.