Saturday, September 18

Nader's on the Florida Ballot and I don't care.

Sure helps a president to have friends in high places. The Florida Supreme court in a tip of the hat to democracy, says Nader can run in Florida. From those frenchmen at the BBC.
The Florida Supreme Court has ruled that maverick politician Ralph Nader can be on ballot papers in the November US presidential election.

The decision is regarded as a blow to Democratic Party candidate John Kerry.

In the 2000 election Mr Nader attracted enough left-leaning voters in Florida - a key swing state - to cost the Democrats the presidency, analysts say.

While I am sure that a clear majority of those that would have voted anyway, had Nader not been on the ballot in Florida in 2000, would have voted for Gore, It was the suppression of the Black vote (along with some judicial gymnastics) that secured the presidency for the fortunate son.

This time around most of those that bought into Nader's message will not be repeating their mistakes. Nader is not, under any stretch of the imagination, going to get 92,000 votes this time around, and is more likely to siphon off the votes of dissaffected republicans than erode support for Kerry. Our biggest problem is to dramatically reduce Black voter suppression. 90,000 African american votes were not counted last time, If you only cut that number to 89,000, another Bush presidency would have only been a nightmare, ending when you woke up in the morning, read the paper, and discovered that Bush was selling his fake ranch, and looking to get back into baseball.

But here we are, nearly four years later, waking up every morning, hoping to spite hope, that it is only a dream. Well friends, the extended nightmare is almost at an end.
I don't believe the polls, the methodology is no longer valid and in some cases purposely skewed to favor the incumbant. In my mind Kerry is up by ten, so just relax, let the media and the faulty polls keep the wingnuts happy and overconfident. Bush is going down in flames.