Wednesday, September 1


can I help myself?
no I really can't

Shameless ripoff, however comes with some
transcriptly millerbot blows stackly
gooodness. sorry but the spelling sucks
but not so bad that you miss the flavor.
zell: no kris no i did it because i no i you you you your hopeless I wish I was over there in fact i wish that we lived in the, i wish that we lived in the day i wish we lived in i chris i wish

tweety: i gotta warn ya i gotta warn ya, were in a tough part of town over here but i do but i do recomend you come over because i like you, let me tell you this if a repu if a republican senator broke ranks and r im sorry and a republican sen broke ranks and came over and spoke to the dems would you respect him

zell: yes of course i would ive seen that happen from time time to time - look i-

tweety: why whatr jim jeffers which jim jeffers say to you of jim jeffers of vermont switched prties after getting elected

zell: look look if your gonna ask a question

tweety: its a tough question, it takes a few words

zell: get out of my face. if your gonna ask me a question step back and let me asner it. you know i wish we


zell: i i i wish that you-I wish we lived in the day when you could challenge a person to a duel now that would be pretty good but don't ask me [xtalk] dont pull that, wait a minute, dont pull that kind of stuff, that on me like you did that young lady when you had her on there, brow beatin her to death, I'm not her, I'm not her

Please pardon the formatting errors. trying to deal with the transcription of crosstalk is a not a skill to be trifled. or ultimately a job to be suffered by mortals. the above is all I can bother myself with and is accurate. cant wait to see the software version.