Thursday, October 14

Another angle, the word count

It occured to me that it might be interesting to see a word count for each candidate. Given that they each are given roughly the same amount of time, and that Drooly McStaggers gets out of the gate a bit late most of the time, I imagine that Kerry will best him in this category. [..slinks off to count words..]

OK here we go. Kerry used 7376 words and Drooly McStaggers came in at 6096, and the word "gosh" accounted for at least two and "whew" one, of Drooly's words. Kerry managed to fit in 1280 words more than Drooly in a similar amount of time allotted. I actually did not think it would be that big. There you have it, and there is just so much to harvest in the 6096 that I am sure we will be busy for days to come.