Tuesday, October 5

Digby made me laugh my ass off.

While contemplation of the Two Faces of Bush, We are drawn once again to the story of
When John Kerry came out of the elevator, immediatly recognised that a fellow Senator was choking, and immediately performed the Hiemlich manuever, saving the Senators life.
In one of numerous poll, where they ask people questions they really don't have the answers to, apparently more people think that Bush would be more likely than Kerry to stop and help them out with a flat tire. In a post titled No Samaritan Digby spells it out.
Matthews just interviewed Joe Lockhart and mentioned the new zogby poll question "If your car was broken down on the side of the road, who do you think would stop and help you?" Shockingly, 32% said John Kerry and 40% said Junior.

Unbelievable. It is indisputable that John Kerry saved Jim Rassman's life in Vietnam, which should be enough to prove that Kerry not only will stop and help you fix your car, he will rush across 6 lanes of traffic to do it. (Our swift boat pals have so successfully lied and schemed that this image of Kerry has been forever tainted, to their enternal damnation.)

However, Rassman wasn't the only life that Kerry famously saved. How about this one:
We'll address this story in another post, but it is amazing that people would think that about bubble boy.
Is there even one example of George W. Bush doing a personal good deed ever in his life? I honestly can't think of one.
Damn good Question. lets take a look at another story that is indicative of the Compassionator.
Remember when his daughter had an emergency appendectomy?

As he boarded the plane, reporters inquired about Jenna's condition. 'Maybe she'll be able to join us in Florida,' the president-elect said. 'If not, she can clean her room.' The reporters stared at him, stunned. 'I couldn't believe it,' one of those present later said. 'First of all, I'm a father, and I cannot imagine a scenario in which my daughter would have major surgery and I would just leave on vacation. And then he just seemed so snarly about it, like he was pissed at her.'"

Not only wouldn't he stop to help you at the side of the road, he's the type who'd slow down and stare at you, then laugh uproariously and hit the gas, spraying gravel in your face as he sped away.
I could not put it any better than that. I would expect the man who mocked a "born again" death row inmate, to behave exactly in the manner digby describes.