Tuesday, October 5

Presidential Prevarication

President Bush signed some lies into law in Ioway yesturday, and the campaign announced that he is planning to deliver a speech on Thursday talking about terrorism and the economy. Lets see what Mr "I'm only blowing blowing the smoke of fear up your ass because i care" Bush has to say.

CLIVE, Iowa President George W. Bush has charged that Senator John Kerry's policies "are dangerous for world peace" as his campaign suddenly changed plans for holding an event on medical liability on Wednesday and scheduled a speech by the president on terrorism and the economy instead.

"There he goes again" John Kerry is a danger to world peace, maybe in a alternate universe, the one where GWB is hardworking, articulate, and made his money honestly.

"In 1991, when my dad was president, he saw a threat, and that was that Saddam Hussein was going to overrun Kuwait," said Bush, who appeared relaxed and in good spirits at Monday's "Ask President Bush" campaign forum despite the generally negative reviews of his debate performance last week. If Kerry's vote had carried the day, the president said, "Saddam would not only have been in his palaces, that means he would have been in Kuwait as well. The policies of my opponent are dangerous for world peace. If they were implemented, they would make this world not more peaceful, but more dangerous."
Hey Commander "order of the stuffed codpiece" Jack-Ass, but Saddam invaded Kuwait in August of 1990. And if Kerry's vote had carried the day, and we had decided not to knock the tinpot dictator out of Kuwait in favor of the Kuwaiti Ruling Family, We would be speaking Arabic and laboring under Saddam's army of robot overlords. Next the petulant pusillanimous punk, thralls us with his acumen.
The president also stepped up his ridicule of Kerry for the senator's plan to hold an international summit to help solve the problems in Iraq.
"I've been to summits," Bush said as he paced in his shirtsleeves at the 7 Flags recreation center in Clive. "You don't bring terrorists to justice at summits. I can imagine him walking in to the leaders of the world saying, 'We need your help, but Iraq is a mistake.'"
Kerry, Bush said, "has no plan. A summit won't solve the problem. Strong, consistent leadership is what this world needs."
Thats right "Steady as she goes", "Damn the torpedo's, full speed ahead", "Don't go changing to try to please me, or horses mid-appocalypse, ya know". What an embarassment, is there any limit to the misrepresentation. At long last sir.....have you no shame? Without suggesting that Mr. Bush is batshit insane the response from a Kerry representative was on the mark.
Phil Singer, a spokesman for the Kerry campaign, responded: "If George Bush thinks John Kerry's plans to strengthen the military, build alliances and implement the 9/11 commission's intelligence reforms will make the world a more dangerous place, he's even more detached from reality than he demonstrated at the debate the other night."
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