Monday, November 29

I Wonder if Moderate Conservatives knew they were voting for the Fundimentalist Agenda

Atrios posted this at the eschaton a little while ago, and as I can't help myself when it comes to racists and fundimentalists, I felt the need to jump in. That whole "Values Voters" post election analysis is just a GOP sponsered office of special Propaganda canard. for one thing these values voters were identified by an open ended question, and this data came from the exit polling which has since been "declared" incorrect insofar as the election results are concerned. But hey, the fundies will grab anything that would suggest that they can run with their agenda, even if the "poll" cited, only 20% of the voters asked, answered that values was the most important criteria, and that these respondants voted overwhelmingly in favor of bush. A tyrrany of the minority indeed. Abc news introduces us to some of the newly empowered.
Nov. 28, 2004 -- Among some conservative Christians, there is a belief that President Bush received a "moral mandate" to win the recent presidential election — and they are calling on him to act on their agenda now.

"I believe Our Lord elected our president and I believe he put him in office and it is my prayer that he will sustain him in office," said one woman at the Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.

Another was asked if she believed that God intervened in the election. "Absolutely," she said.
Forgive me if I find this terrifying. So if I understand this correctly, God elected a Greedy, Powerhungry, Childkilling, War profiteering, Lying War Criminal, as the president. But of course it is useless to argue with the web of mysticism, and biblical cherry picking wrapped in a theological cloak and stamped with the seal of Jesus. To them, if Dubbya is not the second coming himself, he is the man to bring it on home. The bigotry of homophobia commences in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Lift-Off.
"Values" voters delivered for the president, and the president must now deliver for them — especially in the courts, said Gary Cass, head of a grassroots political organization affiliated with Coral Ridge, called the Center for Reclaiming America.

"It's about the next 40 years and how the courts are going to affect the world in which my children and grandchildren are going to be raised in," he said.

Cass wants a U.S. Supreme Court that will outlaw abortion and gay marriage. "Do you want to take your children to a National League baseball game for instance and have homosexuals showing affection to one another? I don't want my kids to see that," he said.
Well buddy, I am afraid that denying the right to marry, will not likely stop them from showing affection in puplic, although most of the gay folk I know, don't make a big show of public displays of affection. But make sure you teach your children well. If you are so unfortunate to have a fine young gay son, rest assured that he will be a frustrated fag bashing machine, at least until he comes to terms with his "true nature".
Risking God's Wrath

By one measure, conservative Christians comprised 12 percent of the electorate this year — the same as four years ago. But they see themselves as a crucial piece of the president's political base.

They believe that if their agenda is not implemented quickly — if their concerns are not addressed in a timely fashion — God will be angry.

One leading evangelist recently warned, "God's patience runs out."

Dr. James Kennedy delivers sermons at Coral Ridge which are broadcast to 3 million homes. He said he knows of no timetable for God's wrath, but wants results fast.

He dismissed the concerns of people who worried about the impact of Christian conservatives on the U.S. government.

"Repent," he said with a laugh. "Repent. That's what I'd say."
In a number of conversations, I held with the belief that the number of evangelicals could not be much more than 15% of the electorate, but because they tend to vote in high numbers that they looked like 30%, and that was probab;y true in 2000, but increased turnout this time around has reduced that numer to 12%. In this way they are kind of like a rat terrier. A little dog that is convinced that it is a giant, and they want thier big Rawhide Bone™ NOW. 'Cause with the finger on God's pulse these people are fairly certain that we are tempting god's wrath. This Kennedy fellow is quite a charmer.
People who are concerned about the influence of Christianity "have never really surrendered their life to God and submitted themselves to his commandments — and if they did that they wouldn't have so much concern about some court saying again that it's wrong," he said.

Asked about the millions of Americans who are not Christian, or have a different interpretation of Christianity, Kennedy said with another laugh: "I couldn't care less. It's true."

"I think that the idea that the worst sin that somebody can commit is to offend somebody is ridiculous," he said.

Evangelicals say Kennedy may seem intolerant, but there's no greater love than upholding the will of God.
Maybe if I am lucky someone will hook me up with a secret Jesus Decoder ring so that i too can join the party. Mr. Kennedy? Are you are aware of what Jesus had to say about the rich, camels, and the eyes of needles?