Tuesday, November 23

Update on the Deer Stand Murders

While I might find myself in trouble with Wollcott, I feel compelled to refer to something I previously wrote: Yesterday, I wrote the following about the case of the deer-stand inspired shooting spree.
It might also be the case that Mr. Vang's asian heritage, may have inflamed passions on both sides, but alas this is just speculation.
Well it would seem, according to Mr. Vang, that race was involved. He also claims that he was shot at first.
By ROBERT IMRIE, Associated Press Writer

HAYWARD, Wis. - A man suspected in the killings of six hunters told investigators he began firing after he was shot at first and some of the victims called him racially derogatory names, according to documents filed Tuesday.

A judge set bail at $2.5 million for Chai Vang, 36, of St. Paul, Minn., who is suspected in the killings Sunday of six deer hunters and the wounding of two others.

Bail was set after investigators filed documents arguing there was probable cause to hold Vang in the shootings. No charges have been filed.

Vang was arrested Sunday about four hours after the shootings as he emerged from the woods with his empty SKS 7.62-mm semiautomatic rifle. No charges had been filed as of Tuesday morning.

Sawyer County Sheriff Jim Meier said a dispute over Vang's use of a hunting stand on private property preceded the gunfire.
Whether or not it occured in this instance or not, there is little doubt in my mind that Mr. Vang has dealt with more than his share of racism.