Tuesday, December 7

I was just hanging out at the blog, minding my own business...

So this weekend I was regularly checking in over at the Eschaton, and on Sunday Atrios had an interesting theme, concerning how the press had responded during different stages of the war in Iraq, finishing the mini series with a late 2002 poll. During this last thread, there was lively discussion, a couple of drive by trolls, and then a Juan Cole hater dropped by to educate us about our lack of understanding. A bit later, a nice gentleman who goes by the nick of Iron Fist LGF dropped in with the following kind words, and before we knew it the guantlet had been thrown down. I feel compelled to break down
that which starts with a backhanded slap and ends up with an invitation.

I'd say it's a pretty good thing your side wasn't running things during the Civil War, don't you?

Otherwise, y'all would've hung it up after Antietam if not before. I think President Lee would have ended slavery, but there are no guarantees. In either event, I'd be posting from the Confederate State of Tennessee. Both sides lost more men in one day on one battlefield than we've lost in over three years in two theaters of combat.
Kicks the door open, enters the room, making accusations and asking and answering his own question. Then launches into one of the favorite winger articles of faith, the law of comparitive casualties. Since we lost more men in a day during the civil war than in the combined actions in Iraq and Afghanistan we should have nothing to complain about. This tack, of course, conveniently sidesteps a multitude of issues. He continues with the sesibility of a diplomat.
Your side is either so ignorant of military history that it has no business making comments on military operations, or is so divorced from reality that it needs hospitalization.

In case you didn't notice, the South lost the Civil War, despite beating the hell out of the Union up to the Battle of Gettysburg (almost a year after Antietam).

It's really hard to take your side seriously if you know military history. Your side makes the French look courageous.
At this point i find myself warming up to the guy, apparently, "our side" is utterly ignorant and therefore unqualified to make comments or have opinions about military matters. In fact not only are we cowards, we are probably gay as well. As you will see, this fine gentleman did not come around to insult or educate, and thank gof for that (I was a little scared that I might have to change my underoos).
Anyway, I didn't come here to fight, so don't cower.
Thank god, skidmarks I could deal with, and i did not want to ruin my favorite pair of underoos. I gues the above was just preliminary, get to know ya banter for the invitation to follow.
Why aren't you involved in Friends of Iraq Blogger Challenge? Whether or not we agree on the war, can we not agree that it would be best for a Free Iraq to get off the ground? Not only for the US but for the Iraqis themselves?

Your side whines that conservatives are cold and cruel, but when it comes to demonstrating compassion with your own money (as opposed to someone else’s) the Left seems rather reluctant.

I’m here to throw down the gauntlet. LGF has hit the ten grand mark.

Can you compassionate Leftists beat us?
Now how could anyone be expected to respond to such an endearing entreaty? Reach for our checkbooks of course. At least I believe that is the response that Mr Fist expected. After all he waltzes in, insults us, educates while insulting us, explains that it isn't a fight he is looking for so "don't cower" and then asks us to contribute money while insulting us, and everyone on "our side". This was the opening salvo in a battle that few of us were aware of engaging in that would be documented by Chucky J at his Award winning Little Green Footballs site.

Freak Parade at Atrios

Last night, LGF reader Iron Fist ventured into the comments at Duncan Black’s weblog, Atrios, daring Black and his readers to participate in the Spirit of America Blogger Challenge, and do something to help the Iraqi people.

The resulting deluge of noxious hatred and bile, from people who like to set themselves up as paragons of moral virtue, is simply amazing. Here’s a direct link to the post that starts it off: HaloScan.com - Comments. It should be obvious, but please note that there are freaks posting as Iron Fist, and also with my name there; probably one or more of the banned LGF stalkers who now find a home at Atrios and other lefty blogs.

I don’t think they like me. I’m all torn up about it.

WARNING: Don’t read this if you’re easily offended; there are some really ugly comments, the kind of thing you see when maladjusted personalities are allowed to run amok.

Now the last part is too rich, if you have had the opportunity to wade through the comments on that site. I would suggest if you have the stomach for it to check out this Rachal Corrie thread, better yet, take a look at this one celebrating her victory in the Idiotarian of the year award. Of course, i would suggest you avoid reading these threads if you are easily offended. So back to the "battle of the blogs" let's take a look at some of the comments from the LGF piece, there have got to be some good ones with over 400 to choose. Just keep the following in mind, If I were to say, go over to LGF, start with insults about their knowledge of history and general lack of intelligence, I would likely have my post deleted and be banned from posting again (remind me to try from another computer), whereas, at the eschaton you pretty much have to be a pain in the ass, and or highly disruptive for an extended time, before you might lose posting priviledges. A sample from the first 10.

#7 Joshua (not a hamster) Scholar 12/6/2004 11:07AM PST

Yeah they gave Iron Fist a hearty f*** y** and made a bunch of posts pretending to be him fucking cats and talking about gay sex. Then the one-hand posting name stealer went after Charles (and then threw some friendly fire at someone with a child molesting fantasy).

#8 Tman 12/6/2004 11:09AM PST

Iron Fist made a generally harmless request, asking Atrios and his members to help support the Iraqi's futures, whether you agree with the war or not.

Instead he gets trashed with some of the most asinine commentary I have ever read. After reading only about half of that thread I feel like I need a shower.

And the democrats still wonder why they lost the election.......look no further than this post DNC, THIS is why....

#9 stevej 12/6/2004 11:10AM PST

sad. they are so blinded by their ideology and propeganda that they cant even come out into the real world. the only other example i can think of would be a Hitler Youth, brainwashed by the propeganda and ideology and blind to the real world.

/yes thats right LLL's i flipped your hitler attack on you, becuase it fits you.

According to #8 Iron Fist was just making a harmless request and just trying to reach across the divide and bring us a little closer together, but got his head nearly ripped off by nasty recalcitrant Lilly Livered Liberals. OMG ding ding ding, i think one of my comments was cited, and articulately rebuffed. It must be the following comment, as there are no other references that I can find.
I like how "party line boy" wears his frat tattoo with his nick. Good idea actually, might I try a version and see if it lends weight to my words.
19 Tanker J.D. 12/6/2004 11:16AM PST

Note how one commentator refers to LGF as a "fraternity". Putting aside, for a moment, the fact that numerous female posters here belie that description, I just wanted to say that I was unaware of the formality of the LGF community.

I'm relatively new here, and no one told me anything about the pledgeship program, and really, y'all seem pretty light on the hazing. I mean, when do I get paddled and get forced to clean up the brothers' vomit after the kegger? Are there dues? Chapter meetings? Just curious, you know....

I guess I should have referred to a panhellenic society, as I was not trying to insult the female commenters of LGF. The point was that most do not append to their nicknames, their favorite website when they leave the conforts of home, but then I guess that some of us are not into tribal identity.

OK I think this might have been where the confusion about which site they were visiting, arose.
20 Quilly Mammoth 12/6/2004 11:17AM PST

Zoiks! Such erudite people there...

What scares me is that it isn't just HaloScan, or the Kossacks, it is virtually _every_ _single_ lefty blog where the hate is palpable. Not against people trying to kill us, but rather against their fellow citizens.

While I may mock most Liberals I don't hate them. But they sure seem to hate everyone who doesn't agree with them.


Ok buddy, the place is known as Eschaton, not Haloscan, the latter is an add on commenting system in use by many websites. Last night, while hanging out at the Eschaton, NYMary said that she had recieved an email, suggesting that she should be fired for commenting at the Eschaton. I asked her about the letter and she kindly posted it and this was the first I saw of the Haloscan/Eschaton confusion.

Here's what it said:

Hello, you mentioned that you are a prof at BCC? I find it utterly despicable that there is person in a teaching position out there who would visit that disgusting blog, HaloScam. Also, the fact that you were posting that garbage about LGFers trying to raise money to build up Iraq economy? Build schools? Buy food? You are a disgusting human being, but I guess you already know it. Good luck with your position, I hope someone does something about it, and you wouldn't be able to indoctrinate young people and get big bucks for it. My regards (not)


Now as memory served, NYMary while commenting on other matters, pretty much stayed out of the fray except to offer the following rejoinder.
Is there a substantive difference between "ZioNazi" and "Islamofascist"?

I think not.

"Cracker dumbass"? Now that's something different.
I am not sure that this comment fits the definition of an attack on the worthy effort to help out the Iraqi's in their time of need. I would not believe that it rises to the level that would require that "someone does something about it" But maybe thats just me. Anyhoo, Mary's lesser half Thersites was quoted by one of the members of the LGF crack assault team.

21 Joshua (not a hamster) Scholar 12/6/2004 11:19AM PST

#15 Geepers
That's Thersites, a guy who writes twelve year fantasies of TV programs into his arguements like this one

Shorter LGF cerebral process:

Imperious Leader: Welcome, Baltar. I have grave news. A handful of Colonials prevail, but we will soon find them.
Baltar: What of our bargain? My colony was to be spared!
Imperious Leader: I now alter the bargain.
Baltar: How can you change one side of a bargain?
Imperious Leader: When there is no other side. You have missed the entire point of the war.
Baltar: But I have no ambitions against you!
Imperious Leader: Could you think me so foolish as to trust a man who would see his own race destroyed?
Baltar: Not destroyed, subjugated, under me.
Imperious Leader: There can be no survivors. So long as one human remains alive, the Alliance is threatened.
Baltar: Surely you don't mean me?
Imperious Leader: We thank you for your help, Baltar. Your time is at an end.
Baltar: No! You can't! You still need meAAAAAAARRRRGHHH!
[A Cylon slits Baltar's throat.]

That's the prose of a 12 year old if I've ever read such. But since you have to be at least 35 years old to remember Battle Star Gallactica, I recommend nodding politely and backing away slowly.

He also posted one of my favorite responses.
Now THIS is funny...

I wish I could say come over to LGF, and we can have a discussion, but I can’t. We're in a troll culling phase.


Combined with this...

These other motherfuckers would piss their pants if they saw what was sitting on this end of their TCP/IP shield.

LGF as pesonified in "Iron Fist," ladies and gentlemen.

The delightful cherry on the top of this asshat sundae? He came here to ask us to give him money.

IF's response and first goodbye

It is trolling to simply make a challenge to your principles?

To say we've stepped up for the Iraqi people, why haven't you?

I've suffered immense abuse for this, for trying to talk rationally with you all.

You are right. I was stupid to believe that the Left had any redeeming qualities.

You all are nothing but has-been scum.

As the American Electorate has decided.

President George W. Bush

Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice

Republican House

Republican Senate

Welcome to irrelevance. I won't trouble you any more.

Have fun playing in the ash-bin of history

Poor little victim
pseudonymous in nc,

With all due respect, fuck you.

I'll give the respect I've been given.
And another mean response by Thersites.

I'll give the respect I've been given.

Let's back up a bit, and see all this from Chester's perspective. It goes something like this:

"I am IRON FIST, puny human! I demand REASONED ARGUMENT from you SCUM! And do not mock me. Do not mock IRON FIST! Or he will call you IMPOLITE! Kneel before Zod!"

Honestly, it's like Ming the Merciless pouting and stamping his feet because you're using the salad fork with your entree...

This really is some funny shit.
Now IF and I had what might amount to a "debate" on the subject at hand. I usually try to avoid trolls, but sometimes I can't help myself. So in response to his calculous of comparitive casualties, I suggested that he was dealing in Fruit.
Does anyone around here actually think? or do you just spout the Party line?

Thats rich, he he he, party line, hehehehe.

Apples and oranges my friend.

Apples and oranges? In what way?

Last time I checked, dead was, well, dead.

Do you mean that our wounded are more likely to survive today? That they are more likely to recover better from their wounds if they survive?

Hardly an argument for your side.

We took a heavier beating at Antietam than we have in Iraq and Afghanistan combined. And that is for each side. It doesn't really matter if I me the North by we or the South.

The only way you get apples and oranges is if you say they were willing to pay a higher price than you are.

If that is what you mean, we are in agreement.

I forgot that we were just discussing the calculus of bodycount, and that yours is a black/white worldview.

If you can provide a coherent justification for why we are now, or more importantly still fighting, in Iraq that doesn't start with "Saddam was...", then I might be interested.

For some reason, I never feel the need to prosthylatize over on your stomping grounds.
Well, I never got an answer to my question, not that IF had already left the building.
This is his final post, although not before heading back to LGF to get some backup.

Real final post, Guys and Dolls.

Was this fun or what?

G-d these folks are idiots.

Now the whole WWW sees what they are.

Atrios must be proud.
So thus ended his involvement but there were many others who felt compelled to join the fight. Now one of my favorite Keyboard commando's was Darleen. She barges in with the following astute observation.
What I find so amusing is that the typical Leftist male (I can't quite bring myself to use the title "man" in connection with males who would rather ignore beheadings and female genital mutilation as long as it happens over there) thinks the best way to belittle those that challenge Leftist.Truth. is to make genital jokes (when they aren't waxing conspiratorally about all those nasty Joooos in Israel, why don't they just go AWAY!! whaa! I've spilt my latte!).

I'd say projection was the order of the day.


I await the return of the loyal, mature, anti-left liberal Democratic Party.

And its fun to see y'all run your mouth but never put a $ up to back it up.
And as you can imagine, there imght be an intemperate response or three. Darl, adds the following pertanent information.
pseudonymous in nc

Well, that's a brave..something. All the intellect of a sniggering little boy scrawling nasty words on the neighbors fence.

BTW, the disney "Darlene" may have had her tits after Annette's, but I certainly got more compliments on mine.

No flatchested women in my family.
Ok I needed to know that. I fear the mam's the mam's scare me, big ones especially.
To finish, I'll let Thersites take it away, sums it up nicely, and then well head on back to LGF central.
Which do you think this thread is?

"Iron Fist" went back to LGF and posted a link to this thread, claiming the Left is full of Islamofascists and we are Nazis because we were mean to him and will not give money to the thing fistula asked us to give money to because he showed up and called us pussy appeasers unless we coughed up $10,000 pronto. Then the rest of the moron brigade showed up, yammering like semiliterate Cylons about how big their tits are and doing the "I'm going to repeat what you said in a 'duh' voice" schtick which passed for wit in the third grade.

Now, back to the troll infestation.
Now I have a London Broil I have to get to, this post is gaining in length so I'll try to keep this short. Back in La La land
#53 oldengr 12/6/2004 11:40AM PST


Did you notice how many of the posters appear to be academics? It's getting to the point where I'm afraid to send my kids to college.

I find many people are liberals when they are in academia - its when they start working and start having to pay taxes and see what really is going on in the real world that they start becoming wiser and more conservative. Heck, I was pretty liberal before I graduated from university! I am trying to "immunize" my kids so they won't have to go thru the "liberal phase" when they go to college.

Acedemics don't pay taxes or live in the real world. Shit thats news to me. Maybe I should finish college and get a job as an acedemic so I can ovoid paying taxes. Here's Iron Fists first comment on the battle.
76 Iron Fist 12/6/2004 11:55AM PST

Guys and Dolls,

Thanks for the support! I must admit I was shocked by the sheer vitriol, and by the fact that Atrios obviously supports it (a lot of that shit would have been deleted and got the poster banned here. And we are the mean and nasty ones?).

The Left keep saying that we need to “reach out” and find “common ground”.

We all saw what happened when I tried that, didn’t we?

I’m not mad, just a bit disappointed. But only a bit. I pretty much expected what I got (the cat thing was kind of a surprise :-) The left is entirely morally bankrupt, devoid of any purpose other than the blind acquisition of power and the purposeless use of the same.

Of course, we already knew that.

{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{LGF}}}}}}}}}}}}}} }}}}}}}}

And thanks, Charles! Too cool!

Just a couple to finsh the post and keep the corrie threads in mind when you read these descriptions. You can Keep Hannity and Coulter in mind as well as Big Pharma.

#121 Trippin 12/6/2004 12:39PM PST

It's amazing that leftwing fascists can even type a complete sentence, what with one hand usually up their sister's skirt, the other hand lovingly caressing a hamster's rectum, and the dull thud of uncle Marvin's balls thumping against their chins.

I'm assuming liberals type with their toes? Cool.

#122 bender 12/6/2004 12:39PM PST

wow - they have really gotten out of control.

seriously - and people say the comments at LGF are borderline insane - that stuff was just plain nuts.

Yep I'm just a hateful person who can't accept a polite invitation. I am the Thug that is keeping so many patriots down. I mean all of Us are Thugs, or should that be Thugs-R-Us, yeah thats the ticket. Oh and you can visit the Weblog of Iron Fist.

Saturday, November 20, 2004

Tournament Time in Tennessee

Well, we had our annual tournament today, and I'm sad to say that none of the various moonbats I had invited to come out and play showed up. It would have been so much fun.

Well, for me and some of the other Black Belts ;-P

It was a good tournament, with only one serious injury (a guy got five teeth knocked out), and I got to see a lot of old friends. As part of the Black Belt Society, I worked the concession stand, and we sold out of everything.

All in all a good day.