Tuesday, November 30

I hope that post tasted good.

Blogger just ate one, and good, zippo CULater, goodby. Well its not really a major loss just a minor inconvenience. I had composed and submitted for publication a post about a wonderful manly Christian heterosexual man by the name of Doug Giles. He is a contributor to the cesspool over at Town Hall, and has his own radio show. I might take up Doug "Guns, God, and Gloryholing for Jebus" Giles, pontificatin' at a later time, but alas, have no real interest in rewriting that which is lost.

I am presently playing around with various crystal radio configurations, using pyrite for the detector, and a variometer that I made a couple of years ago for the coil. The object is a simple radio with some sensitivity and selectivity to listen to some shortwave in the evening hours.

Right now I have the internal coil hooked up to the antenna and ground, with a 100 pf capacitor in parralell across the windings. I am looking forward for night to fall and see if this thing has the characteristics I am looking for. So now that the configuration "looks" promising, time to put this thing together on a proper chassis.

A couple of nights ago I happened to catch a bit of programming from China Radio International, as well as a japanese language program that I failed to catch a station ID for. Most likely both of these stations were coming through transmitters located in North or central america, but I need to do some research to make sure.

In any event, daytime listening is limited to the local station, which for 3 hours everyday aids and abets the propogandistic blatherings of one Rush Limbaugh (why is he still walking around free?). Just realized that at the top of the hour, that ABC news, interupts the blowhard, Just found out what we who have paying attention already knew: Tom Ridge has Tendered his resignation, "'cause he needs the money" to send his kids to school. I also just found out something else that I had predicted earlier in the College football season, Tyrone Willingham has lost his job as the head coach of the Notre Dame football team. It will likely be another 50 years before the Golden Domers are led by another Black Man.

Oh well that was nice while it lasted, but the limbot is back, and with that, we'll see if this post makes it past the dragon.