Tuesday, December 14

They write letters to Newsweek Part One

The following is from the December 13th issue of Newsweek letters section. Apparently there was an article written by Jonathan Alter titled "Shabby Fiesta of Hypocracy" at some point in a previous issue. Apparently Clinton, Bill was put under a pleasing light, and this was too much to take from one reader apparently.
Providing a positive spin to Bill Clinton regarding raunchy TV as Jonathan Alter does, takes some real creative thinking. No one did as much to lower the moral standards of this country and to lowerrespect for elected officials as Clinton did. He damaged the respect of the presidency to a point that would have been considered unimaginable prior to his immoral shenanigans while he was in office. Using his name in a positive manner when talking about raunchiness is laughable.

Don Landis
Broomall, PA

Now first things first, I would not be suprised if this letter was witten by Don, and I also would not be suprised to find that Don is a relation of Floyd's. Floyd Landis, a teammate of Lance Armstrong's, and one of the primary reasons that lance was able to capture an unprecedented 6th title in this years tour.

That said, I will keep this short, 'cause, well, its just batshit stupid. The author must be talking about a blowjob right? One which really wasn't anyones business, one that no one would have found out about, (Yo Don, Gush the Elder, had him a piece of Washington ass, and I am quite sure that Barbara is not the only one from whom he has enjoyed a blowjob) so you can than Ken Starr for his pornographic report, congress for 70 million to find nothing except the exact kind of purgery that anyone would commit (Don, has the little soldier ever been stiffened by anything other than thoughts and visions of wifeypoo, and if not, have you told her about it? And if you want Moral, the guy you voted against in 1980, was probably the most moral man to hold office, but I am getting away from myself).

Have you heard of Bob "grab ass" Packwood? Does Nixon ring a bell?
One could go on and on if one had the interest, but mine has run out.