Tuesday, December 14

They write letters to Newsweek. Part two.

I was visiting a couple friends yesterday who happen to have a subscription the that paragon of newsweeklies Newsweek. It was the one with the painting of the Virgin and Child on the cover and somesuch about the origin of Christmas. Anyway I started flipping through the thing and came upon the letters section. A couple of them lept out and grabbed my attention, so I found a pen grabbed the notebook I had forgotten I carry around and transcribed them so that I could post them here for your edification. The first letter is in response to the Question on the cover, which was a lead in to an article about that new hit "Desparate Housewives".
Your Nov 29 cover line asks: Has pop culture gone too far? Unfortunately, it went too far long ago. That is why I, along with millions of others, voted not only against John Kerry and his support of the current pop culture, but against the Hollywood that supported Kerry and created "Desparate Housewives".

The housewives depicted in this show are not the housewives I am familiar with. If they are typical of mainstream America, then we are desparate -- desparately in trouble.

Jim Olsen
Hobe Sound, FL
Now I am not sure where to start, so many angles as to boggle the mind. It occurs to me that this was composed at one of the regional republican indignant composition farms. But lets see, This gentleman, if he is indeed a person and if he is indeed the author, would have us believe that he voted not for George Bush, but against John Kerry, pop culture, and Hollywood. In fact he projects his intention on millions of others that seem to think that Kerry's carreer as a sleaze merchant in hollywood, has done quite a bit to turn America into a Moral sesspit.

Oh I see, it appears that Kerry was not a longtime hollywood producer, but was the benificiary of the support of "the Hollywood"
that "created" a stupid assed TV show (just one of millions of stupid assed TV shows, In fact one thing that ole Jim and I might agree on is that the show sucks, in fact I have not and have no interest in watching the thing, and I am a heathen liberal, but I digress).

The last sentence is just a bit too clever, which raises my suspicions about its authorship. But in any event when has a Fucking TV show sitcom or Drama, bared even a remote resemblence to reality. And Jim old boy, why does this show in particular ring the death knell of civilization? There is a whole lot of gorge rising material out there, or does this have anything to do with the orchestrated campaign of outrage directed at the commercial spot featuring the Nordic Sullivan and Mandingo Played by Terrel Owens.

White man has enough to worry about, without having to search under the bed for Mandingo before sleep.