Friday, December 17

A bag of cat and his eyes

Jack again, doing one of the things he does best, lounging. I give the rat bastard a list of chores every day and what does he do? Actually most of them, though he always omits one or two from his list. First the picture, then the list of chores.

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Jack's list of chores
1. Wake up.
2. Lounge for a bit.
3. Stretch extra good.
4. Plop back down.
5. Get up and check out the Food Bowl, if in satisfactory condition, eat.
6. Stretch some more
7. Clean the litter boxes
8. If inside, take a nap
9. If outside, contemplate chasing Bean, or a chipmunk.
10. Vacuum the carpet.
11. Roll around in the catnip.
12 Balance the checkbook.

You see, the list is not particularly hard, but it seems that he just skips over 3 items, every single time. I am at my wits end regarding his insubordinance, but then again, the other cats seem incapable of compliance as well, so maybe it is just a cat thing.