Friday, July 1

Shitting in the bed.

The History channel just had a program on the Yellowstone National park. I only managed to wake up in time to catch the last ten minutes or so, which dealt primarily with snow mobile issues. Images of crowds stinking up the place with their two-stroke offal, and nervous buffulo trying to dodge, run away from, herds of nylon and down coveredsnow mobilers was a sickening one. A narrarator was discussing the importance of fat in the buffulo and how the unneccesary activity might mean the difference between survival and not for the beasts who call the place their home.

A sign above one of the gates states "For the benefit and enjoyment of the people". The operator of a local snow mobile concern discusses the economic impact of laws governing the use, type, and quantity of snowmobiles at the park, "It'll kill us" or somesuch is provided, and I think of the owner of the linens concern, who has done a booming business with "Shit the Bed Lodge™", crying to whomever will listen when the Hotel is closed as a Public Health risk.