Wednesday, July 28

Are you a member of the truth squad? No but I play one on TV

Head up from Mr. Black.
In the neverending wrestling match between the truth, and its *cough* presentation *cough* by the *cough* "media" *cough*, our frend David Brock takes on Brent Bozell, who seems to enjoy coughing up hairballs of discredited material so he can flog it again for our benefit.
"Ken Lay spent 13 nights ... in Bill Clinton's Lincoln Bedroom." In fact, although Lay did not spend a single night in the Lincoln Bedroom while Clinton was president, he was an overnight guest in the White House of former President George H.W. Bush.
I can understand the mistake. Lay has spent probably alot of time at the whitehouse and the Lincoln Bedroom, but only when a bush was in office. I am in some way inspired by Bozell, and wonder if I shouldn't spend a say a week pretending to be a journalist/pundit/truth seeking missle. And post all day, chestnuts of fact, that I pull out of my ass. I will feel no need to examine the source (my less than photographic memory) or provide information in support of my suppositions. How about I start-now.

Kent reporting for the Hagiograph-july 28

Ken Lay defrauded the state of California, the government of the United State, and betrayed the trust of those within his employ. He played fast and loose with regulatory guidelines, while taking "Grandma Millie" to the cleaners, nearly bankrupting California, depriving many under his "charge" of there hard earned retirement plans. That he did these things while receptive of the nod, wink, nudge, blind bat, from Nero (aka bunnypants, codpiece crusader, Dumbya, etc.) makes him no less a criminal. In fact while California burned, and was spurned while Nero Fiddled and Chenligula, scoured the senate looking for wives. Enron was engaged in the largest theft/skimming operation, in the history of the republican wet dream of deregulation.
That was easy, except it is true, most of it anyway, I don't really know if Chenigula actually was looking for Senator's wives, But he may have been engagued in an auto-erotic, acrobatic, contortionistic, carnival of carnality with Lynne, while in the Lincoln bedroom.

Meanwhile in the 30 seconds I could stand his bloviating ass, Jonah Goldberg complains that the "democrats keep talking about these assumed shared values, that bush lied, and they're vauge about presenting evidence. example in Barack Obama's speech, which was a great speech by the way........."

And I would be shocked to find in your analysis of any of the bush press conferences or speeches in the run up to war, a similar demand for evidence. Sorry, dumbass, the Velvet Hammer has arrived. If it is not profoundly obvious to you by now, that Bush is a liar, unfit for the office, an incurious dimwit, then no amount of cucumber sandwitches you choose to eat out of the hands of Richard Mellon Scaife are going to change that fact. Keep defending truth, justice, and the Straussian way. Jack ass.