Tuesday, July 27

Wow----Barack Obama----Vapors

HOLY SHIT..........full text of speech you should really see. here.

Nutjob that I am there was a time that I thought I might have to be the first black president of The United States. Misstep here, stumble there, and well, you know, worrying about getting shot and all, props to Martin and Bobby. I have seen the guy that I sh/could have been. I got chops, I coulda been a contender. but that is a story for another day.

Mr Obama, delivery extemporaneous
a speech of mythic genius
eloquent electrifying elocution

I am a jaded cynical mother with this incongruous positive streak, In a half empty schitzoid kind of way. I look forward to Billmons take on this speech. I would have been extremly happy to contribute one paragraph to this speech.
"the almost willful ignorance"
"its the hope of slaves sitting around the fire singing freedom songs"
shit I'm catching the thing for the Fourth time.
"the audacity of hope"
"I believe that we have a righteous wind at our backs"
"and out of this long political darkness a brighter day will come."
I mean WOW, thats some damn good eatin'

Sorry Karl. you are going to get your ass beat. The Kerry campaign is ready to fight back. The Velvet hammer awaits. [update] Got around to watching cheney get his ass wooped by a thirteen year old girl. yer killin me.

Ok I saw the speech put the thing on pause ran over to a friends place to find out if they had seen it. "No just missed it" tried to convince them to rewind (DVR) "wanna see everything live" My entreaties dismissed, roll on back, replay once, call them again, they just caught a little and are coming over to see it. Finally. If I bust on over to your place and ask you to see something (and believe me, I am not so accustomed) It would probably be a good idea to take a gander. They ended up with tears. As I warned so many moons ago, an occasional steaming pile of consciousness.