Sunday, July 4

beer-cooler related explosive program activities

The title was inspired by a post at Atrios, made by a regular known as rorschach. We take attribution somewhat seriouly on this blog as long it is convenient.

Anyway after laughing and remembering the latest scare, I got to thinking that the beginning of the end For King George may very well have started with the famous "Weopons of mass destruction related program activities" quote at the State of the Union adress. Thus began the descent-within a couple weeks David Kay stated that there were no WMD's-oops, Then that disastrous Meet The (Lapdog) Press interview, March in Iraq, Fullujah, That brilliant Press Conference, Then Abu Ghraib, 911 commision and Micheal Moore- anyway I gotta run to a cook-out. I was going somewhere with this...