Thursday, July 29

Iraq still a mess.

Juan Cole has a good rundown of the situation in Mesopotamia, and it aint pretty. This bit originally from Reuters, a quote from David Kay: .
U.S. officials should give up the "delusional hope" that Iraq has weapons of mass destruction so they can move forward with reform . . . "I think it's most important that the president of the United States recognizes that in fact the weapons are not there," Kay told reporters after speaking at The Government Security Expo and Conference. "It's because until you do that you will not take this fundamental reorganization of the intel community on board," he said. Officials such as acting CIA Director John McLaughlin "hold out the delusional hope that eventually you'll find weapons," Kay said.
This might lead the Bush administration wondering when Kay will choose to fly in a small aircraft.......When are they going to give up this ghost, I mean it's like the fanatical devotion of the renaissance Popes to a flat earth theory ending up in the excommunication of Galileo.

In other news, truck bomb kills 70 outside police recruiting station

In the grasping at straw department: A new plan for a Muslim force in Iraq.