Sunday, July 18

Tacticly Delicious

In a post titled "Fighting back smart", Steve has some excellent advice with respect to communicating with your congresscritter. Similar advice may work well with letters to the editor. This was inspired by the bumper stickers that the Kentucky Republican party are producing that read Kerry is Bin Ladens man/Bush is my man Read about it here
It's easy to create a controversy, if you seem sane, write politely and well, and target your letters. Don't go into how, in this case, Republicans are evil. Instead, act like a neutral, enraged voter. Saying you're a potential Bush voter is even better.

Dear Congressman(senator, chairman),

As a loyal supporter of the President, I was deeply disturbed to see a bumper sticker:Kerry is Bin Laden's man/Bush is my man. As a (veteran, daughter of, son of, Iraq War vet) I was deeply hurt to see that supporters of the President could sully his name by accusing his opponent of treason. If this is how the Kentucky Republican Party wants to help reelect the President, they may well do it without my vote or financial support.

(if the member is a vet, remind him, if he's a chickenhawk, say the following) Even though you didn't serve in the Armed Forces, I know you are a supporter of our veterans and would reject any attempt to slander their service, even if they are your political opponents.

While I would recommend that you not lie, just spin the facts to your benefit so that they will take you seriously.
For some reason outrage, exaggeration and screaming hissy fits, are an effective tool used by the right, to cudgel polititians and press alike. Years of screaming about fairness, and the boot of liberal bias in the media have resulted in the removal of all traces of fairness or bias liberal from the press. For reasons passing understanding if we on the left attempt the same tactics we will not be taken seriously. I know, it's really fucking ridiculous, but I digress. Check out what Steve advises, and consider other strategies that can improve the chances that we will be listened to and taken seriously. Other considerations include ways to respond to the increadibly well financed and entrenched Republican slime machine. I'm getting angry now so I'll leave you to enjoy the rest of the morning.