Thursday, August 5

Bad News for W in Rush's hometown

Greeted by a throng of people in Cape Girardeau, Mo. Edwards climbed into the bed of a Pickup truck and delivered an impromtu speech:
CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. - Democratic vice presidential candidate John Edwards (news - web sites) climbed aboard the back of a pickup truck for an impromptu rally Thursday after hundreds of supporters showed up in the parking lot of the motel where he stayed overnight.
Edwards had planned to spend just a few minutes shaking hands with supporters before heading to St. Louis, where he and John Kerry (news - web sites) will board a westbound campaign train. Instead, he delivered a short speech in which he pledged a Kerry administration would work to create jobs, improve health care, fight terrorism and protect veterans.
Thats pretty cool, a buch of people show up at your motel, why not give 'em some turkee.
The turnout was a bit of a surprise in heavily Republican Cape Girardeau, the hometown of conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh. Many in the crowd said they were simply ready for a change.

"I don't believe in the war situation, and I don't like the way the economy is going," said Roy Davault, 78, of Cape Girardeau.
"They are not just out for the metropolitan areas. They have concerns for the rural areas as well," said Jiles Markham, 42, of Advance. "The level of leadership we've gotten from Washington has really hurt rural America."
Let us recognise that no matter how much the SCLM tries to keep bush's ass out of the fire, there are many regular people out there who are tired of the BS and aren't drinking Karl's Kool Aid anymore. I think after a couple of days in the dumps that we are back and motivated.