Tuesday, August 3


Trent Lott is High-larious:

PHILADELPHIA — U.S. Sen. Trent Lott today told an enthusiastic Neshoba County Fair crowd that Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry is “a French-speaking socialist from Boston, Massaschusetts, who is more liberal than Ted Kennedy.”

It was a line that Lott said he’d been working on for a while, and it produced loud applause from hundreds of Mississippians gathered at Founders’ Square, the centerpiece of the historic fair.

Trent Lott is "a knuckle-dragging, proto-fascist, racist from Pascagoula, Mississippi, who is more liberal that Adolph Eichmann". I'll bet he spent more time than I did. The only thing that made mine work was looking up Trent's hometown. Some other wisdom:
Lott also told the crowd that America is fighting a war on terrorism, and “you don't want to change horses in the middle of the stream.”
Nor in the midddle of an appocalyspse.............And the laughline of the night?
Lott referred to the Kerry-Edwards ticket as “waffles and grits.”
Now thats the kind of knee-slapping, good 'ole boy, southern fried humor, that plays well in the Mississippi hinterlands