Tuesday, August 3

Tolerance Wmerican style

From Americablog, continuing a mini 'southern fried hilarity' meme:
CONWAY, Ark. (AP) A farmer who acknowledged spreading 3 tons of manure along the route of a gay rights parade pleaded innocent Monday, saying he was exercising his constitutional right to free speech.
Two former radio disc jockeys pleaded innocent to handing out gay pornography at the June 27 parade.
The farmer, Wesley Bono, 35, of Greenbrier, is accused of dumping the manure in front of a gay couple's home and spreading it along two city streets.
Three tons of manure and gay porn, whats not to love. A farmer who hates fags and thinks that dumping 3-tons of shit on the street is an exercise of his 1st ammendmant rights, I'll have to think about that. Let's see if this shoe fits. Dubya hates Saddam, bombas the shit out of Iraq, topples his regime and occupies the country, I guess that could be an expression of his 1st amendmant rights, well maybe not, but hell the law is alive, a flexible thing is it not. Back to the Disc jockeys and the gay porn:

In the obscenity case, Phillip Beard and Christine Brown, both disc jockeys at KABZ-FM of Little Rock, are accused of handing out obscene material to minors. A 16-year-old boy said Beard, dressed only in a skimpy black swimsuit during the parade, gave him a DVD of gay porn.

KABZ canceled their show.

''I don't feel as though I've done anything wrong,'' Brown said after her arraignment. She called the legal process ''very overwhelming.''

Why does the first amedmant hate america? Unfortunately Christine, the IOKIYAR umbrella
doesn't cover every boneheaded activity even if it is in the devine service of intolerance.