Wednesday, August 4

Tbogg made me do it

I usually avoid heading over to Freeperville, but this post at TBOGG made me do it. I have to admit that the vitriol, was less than I expected, but I only trawled the first page of comments.
If I were Springsteen I would be worried if Kerry won the election. Kerry's buddies in AlQaeda want to blow New Jersey off the face of the earth too.
I got nothing-this argument is airtight.
Didn't John Lennon threaten to do something like this in 1972? I find it so amusing that celebrities believe that they are so important and so many people just hang on their wisdom. Honestly, how many mindless twits are there that allow their opinions to be formed by rock stars?
I know, it just boggles the mind that someone might choose to exercise their first ammendamant rights
"Honestly, how many mindless twits are there that allow their opinions to be formed by rock stars?"

Believe it or not there are lots of impressionable young people out there that are swayed by Hollyweird idiots and "rock" stars. Sad...sad...sad.
I know, if only we could mandate that schools only use fox news and Rush Limbaugh for their curriculum.
I still have all 3 of my Dixie Chicks CD's, which have been collecting dust since their anti-Bush tour.

Waiting for my next target shooting weekend with the guys to dispose of these properly. We will see how many "Wide Open Spaces" my 30-06 makes in these.
Me too, I love to mix song titles with gun references, just to prove my street cred.
Ever wonder who is behind this well orchestrated hate effort of media, Hollyweird, unions? Can we use the hate laws?

It is not any more what is wrong, or what they can do better, it is hate of President who is trying to steer the country into safety and prosperity, away from bunch of perverts, corrupted prostitutians that found themselves out of power and are screaming in despair. The more they do, the more pathetic they look, more people realize how dangerous it would be to let them win elections. F'(Reep) sKerry, Chicksy Dicks and other purchased Moorons that keep appearing according to well crafted schedule of propaganda. Vote the ba$tards out, your vote is what counts, use it!

Hate laws-----hmmmmm. Political dissent is hate. I'm not sure who you can vote out.....why did I do this again, oh yeah that bastard made me do it.

Reading the article, they are more than anti-Bush. The money will go to a pro-socialism organization with the stated view of making America more "progressive" and defeating conservatism.

Natalie Maines has found herself some nice friends to play with. I would never patronize any of these leftist losers, but at one time I did like the Dixie Chicks.

By the way, I heard this advertised on Tampa radio the other day as a "political tour".

I used to like their music too before their politics got in the way. Me too, I am scared of political tours, I mean like the crap outta me scared.

I keep trying to figure out why I hate america soo much, I keep trying to stop, but it's like Hollywierd has it's tentacles in me. Is there a medicine that anyone can recommend?