Thursday, August 5

Laugh a minute Cheney

Wow, the democrats are making it nigh on impossible for this administration to govern. At a time when the republicans control all branches of government. Snarly McCrashcart, at a campaign stop in Arkansas, blamed democrats in general and John Kerry and John Edwards specifically for high gasoline prices.
The Bush-Cheney campaign accuses Senate Democrats of blocking a Bush energy plan that would increase petroleum drilling and energy conservation and provide new tax breaks and other incentives to spur exploration and production.
Wouldn't that be the "Cheney energy plan", developed in secrecy, with big oil companies. Kind of like the Fox writing the henhouse rules. Increase drilling (anywhere, anytime, regardless of evironmental impact). Increase conservation (yeah right, if you're talking about conservation of the US treasury in your Swiss bank account.). Tax incentives for exploration and production (is there nothing that cannot be accomplished via government handout). I think Halliburton does business in oil, didn't Snarly work for them or something?
"John Kerry and John Edwards voted no," Cheney said. "It's another area where I think there is a significant difference."

Cheney advocated increasing domestic oil production in wildlife areas in Alaska and other regions that are off-limits to development.

"We have put ourselves into a box. The only thing I can think of to do is to keep pushing for a comprehensive energy policy," he said. "We are at the mercy of those international oil prices."

Why do those damn internationational oil prices hate america? Why do the democrats? If we were only able to open up anwar we would not have to import a drop of oil. See its easy.
On the GWOT he shares his vision:
Cheney said Bush's re-election is crucial to making America safer.

"This campaign is about what kind of strategy (voters) want. Do they think the president and the rest of us who serve him are on the right track?" he asked. "Sometimes the other team is stuck in the pre-9/11 mentality. They haven't made the transition."

Cheney said the heart of the strategy for the war in Iraq is to do what the coalition is doing in Afghanistan and Iraq training, supporting and equipping locals to take over the political and security responsibilities for their own country.

"We don't want to leave too soon and leave a mess there," he said. "The bottom line is ... to leave behind the kind of government that will never again be a safe haven for terrorists."

Crucial to american safety, the botched jobs in Afganikitty and iraq. Leaving the first one before the job was finished has left Afganikitty a haven for terrorists, and Iraq had a government that was not a safe haven, untill we screwed the pooch and adopted the flypaper strategy. What he is really saying is that the giant money sucking Hoover is not finished looting the US treasury, I mean rebuilding Iraq.