Tuesday, August 17

Oregon overun by the Great Unchurched

The commandant in thief is a hard boy to keep up with, busy doing all that presidentin', saying all those presidentin' things, and in what must be an attempt to dislodge some enormous hairball, keeps talking about the rich and their wily accountants and all. I hope he gets that hairball out soon, 'cause I don't think that message plays well on the north fourty.

What really does it for me about the preznit, though, is his tough stands on religinatin and godfearin, his steadfastliness in a sea of swirling changeables. The man is like a freakin rock of ages, can't be swayed and once hims made up hims mind aint no tarnin back. Like Bin Laden, he had that rascally wabbit all cornered up after 9/11 and six months later still finds our virtuous and true leader still holding on to that stick. When he said "I dont care where he is", he meant, "I got a piece of his calf stuck betwixt these presidentin' dentin" and he smiled to show the nice lady the piece of flesh from Bin Ladens ass that was stuck betwixt said presidentin' dentin.

When he waxes religious, and talks about the tragedy of poor kids who can't pray in schools, 'cause activisitatin justice get in the way, a tear drapes my cheek. Enough already can no longer stay in that character whoever the fuck that was, here's the deal
Atrios points to AmericaBlog who points to this WaPo article about the presnident at his cute little, loyalty oath vetted, gathering of the faithful in Portland last friday. Him wanted to let us know about things and stuff like taxin the rich is just not productive and that everyone is the rich and stuff, what really made hims day was when nice lady ask him:
Bush had to calm the ardor of the crowd at Southridge High School in Beaverton. One woman noted that Oregon has one of the nation's highest percentages of "unchurched" citizens and asked the president to "take a minute to pray for Oregon."

Bush, who had won loud applause earlier when noting his Christian faith, told the woman "I appreciate what you say" but then seemed to rebuke her statement. "People can choose church or not church, and they're equally American," he said, adding that it is important that "we jealously guard" the tradition of protecting religious freedom.

The crowd, seemingly surprised by Bush's refusal to endorse the woman's statement, responded with only a smattering of applause.
First we had the Great "Unwashed" and now we have to put up with the Great "Unchurched", holymolygeewillikers words mean stuff and things. Presnident inclusitude, didn't think a moment of on bended knee was apporpriate for this occasion 'cause he said "I wear my jesusitude on my sleave but after memberin all this here talking things, I had to forget all that prayin stuff to make room" verisimilitude notwhithstanding Poopypants Dauphin refused to pray for the god Dubya fearin faithfull'cause as he says "Thers a few moderates out there that don't want to vote for a 'ligious nut and have as yet to realize that I am an idiots idiot" possibly the most 'telligent thing out of the mouth of the babe this year and the press didnot 'port on that.

Meanwhile at the cod-cave James T Kirk is in the fight of his life with the leader of the Gorn ship and kent is wondering when this stone-dumb hick for brains 'sgonna git the f' out of his head. Come on back later...