Saturday, September 18

Atrios has a question

Military Call Up

The real question is this -- is Bush letting election considerations impact his conduct in the war in Iraq? More specifically, does he know believe that we need more troops in Iraq than we currently have, but isn't willing to bring them there until after the election?
To be honest I snipped his answer so I could go on a rant about whether bear's shit in the woods?, whether the pope is polish?, Is water wet?, Does a Kilogram weigh more than a pound?, Is sugar sweet?, Is the universe bigger than my bedroom?,Is Bush playing politics with peoples lives? Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes. Atrios answers his own question thusly.
If so, he's jeapordizing the lives of American troops for the purpose of increasing his chances of re-coronation. That's despicable.
And thats the lying sack of shit in the whitehouse for you.