Wednesday, September 8

Bloggered + some good news

Blogger was down for awhile, my problems started last night when it wouldn't let me publish, but all is rectified for now. Anyway a visit to media matters, brought this little nugget to my attention, which supports my previous belief that we should stop pulling our hair out. This information also suggests that we should be less worried about "undecideds" or "swing" voters, and should instead concentrate our amunition on those who are already with us.

In order to argue that Democrats must politically outmaneuver Republicans because they can no longer rely on a numerical advantage to win elections, Chris Matthews, host of MSNBC's Hardball with Chris Matthews, falsely claimed on his September 2 show that "[t]here are fewer Democrats compared to how many Republicans there are."

USA Today founder and columnist Al Neuharth noted on January 22, citing Ballot Access News, that Democrats still have a significant numerical advantage over Republicans in the number of registered voters: "An estimated 201.5 million U.S. citizens age 18 or over will be eligible to vote Nov. 2. ... Of these, about 55 million are registered Republicans. About 72 million registered Democrats."

I have said this before and the above makes it clear, that republicans have a much better turnout than democrats. If the figures above are accurate, they had a turnout of about 85-88% for the last election. This page at the wiki-pedia states that bush recieved 50,456,002 votes. As most of you know Gore recieved around half a million more. The fact that there are 17 million more registered democrats than republicans, suggests that we should work on the apathetic dems and improve our turnout. Screw the Kool-Aid drinkers, they are unlikely to be convinced and trying is a waste of time.

You have friends that did not vote last time around. Talk to them about the Courts (boring I know, but damn inportant), the environment, Health Care. Find a resonant topic and start pushing buttons. It should be clear by now that there are more than just superficial differences between the parties.

The republicans sell themselves with emotional appeals to fear, and racial appeals to intolerance, all the while trying to slip theocracy past the goalie, the democratic message is one of hope and prosperity for all. Quite frankly, we don't care what goes on in your bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen floor. We also respect your right to worship the god or gods of your choosing. Two pretty substantial differences that should help you grease the wheels on election day.

I will say this again, I expect that turnout will be higher on our side than in any recent election. If 107-110 million vote this time around, the chances of regaining the house is very good indeed(we will definitely get the WhiteHouse and Senate). So you know what to do, find 5 dems or socially-liberal freinds and see to it, that they make it to the polls, and then we can start the serious work of cleaning up after these fools.