Thursday, September 2

A compelling analysis

I don't think that I could put it better myself, from --FMguru in the comments at Gilliards place.

Rove's strategy is certainly...unique for a general election. Conventions are supposed to be the time when you heal all the party's wounds (privately) and publically present yourself to the swing/undecided/apolitical center of the spectrum in what amounts to a four-day infomercial. But this is just pure, red-meat-for-the-base style hatemongery. Didn't they learn anything from 1992 Buchanan-fest?

The sheer level of spittle-flecked Kerry Hate is astonishing. I expect that on the Limbaugh show and Drudge Report and Free Republic, but what is the upside of filling the airwaves with this shit for a general audience?

I think this convention is sliding into disaster territory for the Reps. The first rule of conventions is "Do No Harm", which is exactly what the DNC accomplished last month. But between the Kerry-bashing, the Bush twins being revealed as dumber versions of the Hilton sisters, zombie Dick Cheney robotically intoning "flip...flop...flip...flop...", crazy Zell Quisling's literally deranged speech (and attempt to throw down with Chris Matthews), and oh yes, the President bold-faced declaration that the war on terror is unwinnable (not to mention jew-baiting George Soros and handing out Purple Heart Band-Aids.), I just don't see how Bush's speech tonight will save all that. I imagine he'll try to put a positive, optimistic spin on things (by using the word "optimism" over and over again, no doubt), and the bobbleheads will contrast that with the negativity of the last three days. He'll lay out his future plans, with lots of unfunded pie-in-the-sky and no specifics, and he'll give lots of tough talk about Iraq, and the need to be "strong" and "resolute". But so what? He's been saying that all year long.
Thats only half of it check out the rest. Our friend is probably right on about the pie in the sky platitudes and the optimisitudinatin' that our heroic dear leader and verbal warrior will try to swoon us with. As Positivitatin' and inclusitivitatin' as dear leader may try to come off tonight, I don't think he will be able to put the genie that Miller and Snarly let out last night, back into the bottle. And if the Softball introduction is any indication, I will be pointing and laughing early and often tonight.