Thursday, September 2

Pomp and Smirkumstance

First off, Last nights the Daily Show was a masterpiece. Be sure to catch the rerun at 6 o' clock.

Last night was almost like watching the hindenburg come down in flames, though without the "oh the Humanity" sentiment. Zigzag zell was like a pez dispensing pinyata, filled with red meat for the brown shirt brigades. Cheney was a font of inspiration, exuding his usual warmth and charm. Man, that guy can really light up a stage, almost Clintonesque is his radiance. Anyone who was filled with pride in their country after last nights Rally, has probably signed up for the advanced sniper brigade and will be charged with eliminating malcontents like yours truly.

I think that while a case could be made with respect to comparisons with the Nuremburg Rallies, Nuremburg, was on the whole a much snazzier production, and quite frankly more inspiring. Tonight, our dear leader will strut to a special, stage in the round, set up on the convention floor, where he will be surrounded by only the most rabid of his faithful. If he has any chance of ressurecting the poor dead soul of this convention, someone might want to take a look at "Triumph of the Will" today for some last minute tips. Unfortunately for the party of inclusitude, I am fairly certain that Stumblebum will not be up to the task.

Worst Convention Ever. There I said it, damn and it feels good. That they still feel they have to indulge in base maintanence program activities at NaziCon 04, speaks volumes.

Zell Miller loosing his head and challenging Tweety to a duel was an amazing breakdown of composure. There were 3 episodes worth of Daily Show material in that interview. To bad that tweety will be forced to turn in his fangs again. I can't imagine what the Freepi are on about today. I'll let you know what we drag in with the nets.