Tuesday, November 23

NBA Brawl video search. Found Bigotry instead.

While searching for a vid of the Brawl at the end of the Pacers Pistons game, I found this site through a google search. It's a good thing that racism is dead. From the comments.
Whats with the "come to my city, and say that?" Do you mean My city, My Country, My English language--that My people gave you the right to participate in. Gave--you did not earn. You were brought from a third world, backwoods, uneducated slave race--to a modern society, and after four hundred years you are still unable to adapt without using your only commodity--your ability to jump. Way to go. I suggest we have a cotton picking contest, what better way is there to make white people happy--and make money for the white owners and management. Your people are still owned by whites
Submitted by: Toddy on 11/23/2004
What do you expect when you let the gorillas out of their cages? Dont act so surprized you dolts. Another incident to prove that the NBA (N--iggers B--eing A--ssholes)is living up to its acronym. Screw the NBA....and most professional-level sports for that matter. Save your money and get the best seats in front of your big-screen. Professional sports owners and atheletes will all fall to the demise of their own monster-creating, money-hoarding ways. Can anyone say NHL?
Submitted by: Jack Meoff on 11/22/2004
Yes it is typical black behavior. Artest didnt want any of Wallace who put his hands on him, but will go after a smaller white person. What can you say about animals. And as far as hating, any body 65" can play this game unless your just a big lazy ****, which most are anyway and just get by thats why the game sucks.
Submitted by: Hardtime on 11/22/2004
What do you expect when youve got players with the "Gansta" type mentality... Artest and Jackson should have been suspended FOR LIFE!!!
Submitted by: Rexxx on 11/22/2004
I wonder if this last dude got his Talking points from Rush "Big Pharma" Limbaugh, who used similar language yesterday.
LIMBAUGH: There is something about this hip-hop culture business. I'm not going to mention the name because there's thousands of them, but I've been watching interviews with ex-NBA players and current NBA players. You know what the common theme that I'm hearing is? "Well, I'm not going to be dissed. I'm simply not going to be disrespected. Somebody disrespects me, they're going to pay for it." Meaning, "A fan disrespects me, that fan's going to pay for it," not just another player.

And that comes right out of the hip-hop culture, and it's not just that. You look at NBA players and the uniforms, you don't have to go back very far. The uniforms have changed totally. They're now in gang colors. They are in gang styles.
CALLER: This is not a new thing with the Piston fans.

LIMBAUGH: I know. That's why I say call it "New Fallujah, Michigan."
Tell it like it is FatBoyâ„¢. Interestingly I was discussing the possible racist component among the fans as a possible exascerbant to the hostilities. He did not find it terribly plausible. From a comment on the thread over at the Eschaton on the Limbaugh biz.
by the way, i have a very good friend who has many season tix right behind the laker bench.

the shit you hear wafting down from the stands to the players is just downright atrocious.

"nigger" and much worse are very, very common. and it ain't used in the "yo my N" phrase used between blacks. it's white namecalling.

just so you know. the racism that rush evokes using his code words and republican treehouse secret dictionary isn't even that required out in "polite" society anymore.

i hear it all the time. you'd think this was 1954, not 2004, for fuck's sake.
Jim in LA
My friend might find this suprising but I certainly don't. One thing that has become clear to me after this election is the realization that bigotry is simply a much bigger problem than I previously thought. It really has been flying under the radar, but has increasingly reared it's ugly head. The barely veiled contempt for wealth black athletes, on a basketball fan board is enlightening and distressing.
Simply a bunch of monkeys who can throw a ball around, a little bit of money doesnt really change who they really are. This here is a prime example of why blacks are looked down upon. Simply disgusting!!!!
Submitted by: DeeznYa on 11/20/2004

To bad they didnt all "bust out their 9s" and kill themselves off! Overpaid crybaby bitches. If they couldnt bounce a ball and through it into a basket theyd all be out stealing cars.
Submitted by: TWISTED on 11/20/2004
dude, their black... what else would u expect?!?
Submitted by: Arsenist on 11/20/2004
Dudes, It's that simple.