Friday, December 10

It's Friday Kids, and we all know what that means

Togetherness I

Jack and Ptolemy are taking a well deserved rest on the bed (It was made before they got up there and messed it up I swear). While Betty
who had clocked in for a shift of her own, has seen a possible opportunity for lovin'. And has started off to see if a petting hand is available. As you can see Ptolemy is a little worse for wear, apparently a local fight club just got started somewhere near the north fourty. I am only surmising that this is the case as well, Ptolemy seems to be uninterested in breaking the first rule of Fight Club.

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Togetherness II

Kitainy Yev, lounges in supervision of Ptolemy who is running a quality assurance test on the victuals. I never got that report, now that I think of it, and as the bowl has since been emptyed, and everyone is still around, I just will not worry about it.

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