Saturday, December 11

Panty Bunching Powers ....... Retro-Activate.

Caught wind of this latest episode of "Mind if I sniff your Crotch" "Are we in Prudeistan yet?", at the Americablog via HaloScam. Some One, or ones, complained about indecency during the, get this, Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games. And I thought that Maude Flanders had died and gone to Heaven. It is good to know that someone is "thinking about the children".
FCC Wary of Greeks Baring Gifts at Games

By Lisa de Moraes
Saturday, December 11, 2004; Page C01

In response to one or more indecency complaints, the Federal Communications Commission has asked NBC to send it tapes of its coverage of the Summer Olympics Opening Ceremonies in Athens, the network confirmed late yesterday.

Ironically, the night before, NBC's Summer Games coverage was named the family-friendliest special of 2004 during WB's broadcast of the sixth annual Family Television Awards. The awards are given by the Family Friendly Programming Forum, a group of 46 major national advertisers working to encourage networks to produce more family-friendly prime-time fare.
It's unclear what aspect of NBC's coverage of the ceremonies has knotted the knickers of someone who has corresponded with the FCC, word of which was first reported by trade paper Mediaweek on its Web site late yesterday.
I am not sure whats going on here but it sure is strange and I think someone should investigate.

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A woman with an unusual paunch took a dip in the
Opening Ceremonies' wading pool last summer.
(Tom Hanson -- AP)
Like I said, someone needs to investigate.