Wednesday, August 18

Ground Zero recovery silver.

There is a shameless new coin out commemorating the Twin Towers and the (yet to be constructe Freedom Tower. 100 mils of .999 silver clad coinage (clad means the coin itself is likely to be 95% Nickel or Zinc) The kicker, the silver used in these fine commemorative issue from Commonwealth of North Marianas Islands (CNMI) was recovered miraculously from a bank vault found under tons of debris at "ground Zero". Now that same silver recovered from the (still beating) heart of "ground zero".............

"Each comes with a certificate of authenticity confirming it is government issue 100mill .999 pure "ground zero" recovery silver content."
Get yours before, this batch of silver runs out.

How long before we can get watch fobs made out of 100 mill ground zero recovery dental gold. Or did Ashcroft already have little gold crosses made out of this stuff and anointed in crisco, you know for extra Jesus Power.