Friday, August 6

Time flies when yer havin fun

I am happy to announce that the codpiece has been lowering the quality of political discourse for just over a month now, adding to the not insubstantial weight of bloviation on the interweb. I have to admit that I am all the more impressed by the guys that have done this better and for much longer than I have. While I really miss hanging out in the Whiskey Bar, Billmon is required reading. Over at Hullabaloo, Digby keeps knocking them out of the park. Atrios, nee Duncan Black, has established fantastic community over at the Eschaton, as does Markos Zuniga over at the Daily Kos. For single author blogging about news and political analysis, Billmon and Digby are least likely to piss me off, so I read just about everything they write.

For a humorous take on the News of the day, I like to head over to BartCop and WTF is it now. Maru has some of the best nicknames for members of the administration i.e. Snarly McCrashcart=Cheney, and lots of pretty pictures. Speaking of Humor, The Rude Pundit is the guy I would most like to have a drink with in Blogistan. I am pretty sure that we would end up on the floor in the fetal position, gasping for breath, while laughing our asses off. I have never met anyone as willing as I to trawl the depths of depravity and despair for humorous effect until I found the Rude one. Before I forget, (the other) Roger Ailes is also a must read.
Because I love the boxed blockquote and would like to share some of the lesser known but fun places to visit with you and because I can, here we go: Attaturk at Rising hegemon, Rorschach at No Capital, Athenea and freinds at First Draft, Sid at Sids Fishbowl, The Mahablog, and Corrente
If you are looking for news that is likely to be buried by the mainstream media hit Buzzflash. If you are looking for a breakdown of how the SCLM slants the news, The Daily Howler, and Media Matters are must reads. They go where god fears to tread, analysing transcripts from Punditopia, and various news articles and op-ed pieces. If the idea of hanging out at Town Hall frightens your children, not to worry World 'O Crap takes care of that particularly disgusting heavy lifting for us.

In other words there are lots of better places to hang out than in this little corner of blogistan, but don't worry, I'll keep plugging away and try to do my share in flogging stories that need to see the light of day. If nothing else this has been a cathartic exercise, for yours truly. Thanks for dropping by and please feel free to leave a comment or two, any feeback is appreciated.