Monday, September 20

Corn has the proper analogy.

I was gonna start this post of with "I continue to be astonished", but realized that that was inaccurate. Given that the mainstream media is a bought and paid subsidiary of the Bush re-election campaign (and once you embrace this fact things quickly become clear), it comes as no suprise that the media continues to suggest that Kerry needs to describe a detailed plan regarding our adventure in the Iraqi tar pit. That Kerry has an outline of a plan, does not satisfy them. The fact remains that we have no idea what shape Iraq will be in at the end of January 2005. In the mean time Bush is allowed to continue pretending that things in Iraq are just peachy, and all we have to do is stay the course.

Now someone with curiosity who had been paying moderately close attention would wonder what course he was talking about. Would it be sending the Marines into Fallujah, and when losses started to mount pull them out? Would it include asking for funds, then threatening to veto a bill that has provisions for the payment of those funds (the 87 million Kerry voted for). Or to ram a bill through with no provisions to pay for it (the one he voted against) and then fail to nearly a year later actually use any of the funding available (of 18 bill earmarked for reconstruction, only 1 bill has been spent)? Or is it to clear out of areas, letting the insurgency regroup, with the goal of limiting casualties, or is it order troops into the holiest Shia town in the world to desecrate a mosoleum? Georgie boy seems to be all over the chart of resolve. But the bottom line is the man broke it and must be held to account.

Some of us have been trying to come up with workable soundbites in hopes that the media might like what they hear and possibly begin to do their jobs. I am not gonna hold my breath, but the following from David Corn is a nice start, as far as recent questions concerning "what would Kerry do"

The Bush campaign has succeeded in convincing the mainstream media that the key question is, what is Kerry's plan for Iraq? Not, say, what is Bush's plan for Iraq? If Kerry is so fortunate to win on November 2, he won't take office until January 20, and the situation in Iraq could be dramatically different. Any specific plan he tossed out now could be--and probably would be--totally irrelevant at that point. Yet Republicans and echo-chamber reporters keep asking Kerry to state precisely how he would undo Bush's mess.

"I have two young daughters at home," I said to this Kerry aide. "If one takes a glass jar and throws it on the ground of their bedroom and smashes it into thousands of pieces, I don't point my finger at the other one and say, 'Okay, what's your plan for cleaning this up.'"

Concise, to the point and easy to understand. In fact you might think that something this obvious would shame some of the Presstitutes, into pushing Bush a bit harder on what his plans are. Since they won't, I will.

If he is re-elected, Fallujah will be carpetbombed. It is the only way to deal with a city of half a million. He is already operating a not so secret back door draft, and just after Christmas will reveal that the situation in Iraq, and exciting new fronts in the War on Terrah, require the reinstatement of the draft. Social Security will be looted to pay for these adventures, and the race to Rapture will have truly been joined. Thats right, the Rapture. Bush is certain that we are watching the end times in progress and that he has been anointed by god to see it to fruition.

If re-elected the life expectancy of the Dome of the Rock will be short. The Temple of Abraham must be reconstructed for Jesus to return. The funny thing is that historically end-time movements pop up at least every generation, and until now they have fortunately been marginalized. But now these Bible thumpers hold great currency with the leader of the free world, and never before have we had the means to truly "scream Havok and let loose the dogs of war.
Disregard at your peril and to make you feel better, understand that I am just an armchair pundit.