Sunday, September 19

A tree grows in Iraq

Apparently there is evil in Quagmiristan™, and Allawi and Blair claim they are all over that evil like a cheap suit, a very cheap suit.
Iraq has become the "crucible of global terrorism", but insurgents will be defeated, Tony Blair has pledged.

Speaking after talks at Downing Street with Iraq's interim prime minister, he vowed to see the "struggle" through and deliver a "huge defeat" for terrorists.

Iyad Allawi called on the UN to provide whatever help was needed to make next January's planned elections a success.

He said he was adamant democracy would prevail against the "forces of evil" operating in his country.

"We definitely are going to stick to the timetable of elections in January next year," he told reporters on Sunday.

"We are succeeding in Iraq. We are succeeding against the forces of evil."

In this new world, evil, lured by singing siren's, is currently stuck in Tarpit Iraq™, and words are stronger than action. It is reassuring that two of the linchpins in the war against the boogymen of State sponsorship of assymetric terrorism, are strident in their declaration of an exorcism of this beast. One day soon, I will be able to go to bed without first checking to see if Osama is hiding under it.
"Whatever the disagreements about the first conflict in Iraq to remove Saddam, in this conflict now taking place in Iraq, this is the crucible in which the future of this global terrorism will be determined.

"And either it will succeed and this terrorism will grow, or we will succeed, the Iraqi people will succeed, and this global terrorism will be delivered a huge defeat."

You can take this to the bank people. I just want you to know that a little bird told me that we are going to accomplish this task with the aid of a secret zombie army being assembled in Siberia.