Friday, September 3

Police state activities

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photo by montrassori

"I almost got scooped up at Union Square last night.
I avoided going to Pier 53 because I ran like hell and
managed to vault a police scooter before they
strung the nets up.I came that close to getting my ass kicked"

A friend of mine who lives in NYC sent me this email a couple of days ago. should have been out here this weekend to get a
glimpse of what the police state will look like if GW gets four more years.
Manhattan is largely under police control right now. Cops are everywhere.
They are controlling auto traffic, pedestrian traffic, airspace, bridges,
tunnels, waterways, you name it. I've never seen cops take such direct
control of the city. They are completely micromanaging every
happening--every biker going the wrong way or missing a light, every
jaywalking pedestrian, nearly every boat, plane, truck and car has a direct
interaction with an individual cop over the past few days. It's something
else. Is it a vision of what's to come?

I missed this post by Atrios last night, but when I saw it this morning, the way it dovetailed with the note above, well say no more.
New York's in total lockdown. Kos and I just made the fairly short trip to the Air America studio and it's impossible to cross the city. They're stopping all traffic to let the goddamn delegate buses have unimpeded progress through the city. We had one angry angry cab driver. "They bring the convention here, and the people get nothing!"

I thought the security in Boston was over the top and mostly for show, but it's nothing compared to what they've done here. Temporary express bus lanes for delegate buses? Holding traffic for 15 minutes to let a few make left turns? Nuts.
Just remember folks, "All animals are equal, come animals are more equal than others."