Friday, August 20

Kerry's "self-inflicted" 'Plan' related Program Activities

You know a couple of days ago (see Tweety Redux below) I got after Matthews for his performance as a gushing school girl in the days following Commander Codpiece "astride the narroe Lincoln like a colossus". While that episode is still embarrasing and an example of shameles whoredom, I do have to through a biscuit of credit his way after his performance last night on Hardball. I think that I watched nearly 80% of the show and had the pleasure of listening to Matthews attack Thurlow's obviously bitter and definitely partisan charges that John Kerry falsified after-action reports, and had a "plan" to get out of vietnam early.
MATTHEWS: Larry Thurlow, thank you very much for joining us tonight. I admire your service, certainly. Let me ask you, sir, about the quote that you have in this ad. It says—and these are your words, speaking them in the advertisement—“When the chips were down, you could not count on John Kerry.” Why do you say that?

LARRY THURLOW, ANTI-KERRY SWIFT BOAT VETERAN: Mr. Matthews, the main reason I say that is because it became apparent early on that John Kerry had a master plan that went far beyond the service in the swift boats, and because of the fact that he was trying to engineer a record, so to speak, for himself, he was not a trustworthy member of a very tightly-knit unit that counted on each other at every second. And once it became apparent that he had this plan that kind of excluded what was required of us at certain times, it became apparent to me that you could not count on him.
Apparent and its adverb apparently, are fudge words, terms used when you do not have the winds of certainty at your back. According to the Merriam Webster dictionary: APPARENT suggests appearance to unaided senses that is not or may not be borne out by more rigorous examination or greater knowledge.
When pressed by Tweety for evidence to substantiate his claim, Thurlow had to concede that he had none, "basing it on my observations"
MATTHEWS: Can you honestly tell me now, sir, that you could swear in open court that you know that John Kerry, when he was a lieutenant JG in the same theater you were in had some plan for winning medals? Do you know that for a fact?

THURLOW: OK. In other words, present evidence that he had this plan?


THURLOW: Of course, I couldn‘t.

Then what in heaven's name are we even doing here. It should be "apparent" that unsubstantiated allegation (the more salacious the better) is the right wing stock-in- trade. So Thurlow admits that he can not prove his "he had a plan" allegation, at which point any reasonable person might admit that the ground they were standing on has become unstable and scurry off into the darkness.

But we aren't dealing with reasonable persons here, we're talking about a monkey with a bucket of shit that isn't empty yet, a person who will continue to flog an allegation that he as vociferously admitted that he could not prove. Was it really so long ago "of course, I couldnt", I guess not as matthews immediately follows that with:

MATTHEWS: Well, what...

THURLOW: I‘m basing it on my observations.

MATTHEWS: These are after-the-fact observations. You say he had a plan ahead of time to make himself a war hero to get elected to office.

THURLOW: I‘m saying that he had a plan that included not only being a war hero but getting an early out.

MATTHEWS: But you admit you have no tangible evidence.

THURLOW: I have my own personal observations.

MATTHEWS: Of what?

THURLOW: And you‘re right, it is not tangible evidence.
I am one of those naive, school of solomon, types with respect to criminal justice. You may have heard the phrase "inoccent until proven guilty", "rather let the guilty go free than kill an innocent man" And sometimes I forget that in the court of republican opinion, tangible evidence is not required for conviction and if your feces bucket still has some heft, then keep flinging away. Even if it taints your own record-stories- breaking-hither-and yon.

Next up and late to the party as usual we will continue with Tweety's takedown of Michelle "little lulu" Malkin, a mendatious mouthpiece for myopic morons.