Thursday, August 19

Bush's Base, The Second coming.

Fundimentalist Born agains, Old Testement Christians (wherein any "love your neighbor...", .."least among us..." pronouncement of Jesus is trumped by Leviticus), Snake charmers, whatever you want to call the adherents of Biblical literalism, are of one mind concerning bush, "he does the work of god" This fealty to the God King was in evidence at a recent campaign stop in West Virginia.
Associated Press Writer

HEDGESVILLE, W.Va. (AP) -- Forget the war. Forget the economy. For many George Bush supporters, the presidency is about something more fundamental -- faith.

It's about their faith in him, and his faith in God.

Cindy Wilson, of Keyser, takes comfort in the knowledge that Bush is a Christian, she said, because if he is uncertain of a decision, God will make it for him.

"I believe the Bible is our guidebook, our user manual for life,'' said Wilson, who joined a crowd of at least 7,500 at Hedgesville High School for a Bush campaign rally Tuesday night.

"When man depends on man, we're limited,'' she said. "But God is limitless and will help him make the right choices.''
Not that any of this blind faith scares me as much as Bush's faith based governing style. When is Cindy going to face the fact that either God is a monumental fuckup artist, or does not speak through bush.
"I just love him, he's a good man,'' said Andrea Allen, of Hedgesville. "He has good morals.''

Janet Lyons, of Martinsburg, believes Bush's faith helps him withstand critics on the war in Iraq and other controversial policies.

"I like the fact that he isn't afraid to do what he thinks is right,'' she said.
I'm experiencing serious mental disconnect--morals, bzzt do whats right, bzzt crkckl bzzt, lets move on to the economy, shall we, where even the kids get involved.
But the region's unemployment rate has risen since Bush took office in 2001, Kerry campaign economic adviser Gene Sperling said. He cited figures from the final summer of President Clinton's second term, which ranged from 2.6 percent for Jefferson County to 2.9 percent for Morgan County.

Koch is unconvinced.

"There's plenty of jobs out there,'' she said. "People just don't want to work.''

Even 9-year-old Jonathan Frisby, who came from Mechanicsburg, Pa., with his grandmother, had an opinion.

"Kerry is going to raise taxes, and Bush will get us into wars we don't belong in,'' he said. "I'd vote for Bush, because I'd rather be in a war than spend a lot of money.''
This young christian sure has his priorities straight, wars we don't belong in, woohooo, christian charity be damned. I am sure that young Jonathan can't wait to be fighting it out in some unknown future hell hole we don't belong in in 9 short years. What is truly disturbing is that this 9 year old's viewpoint accurately mirrors the rest of the hate abortion, love the death penalty even if we have to kill a few innocent people crowd. After all to make an omelet..........