Thursday, August 19

Gummie Venus De Milo aaaarrrrrrgghhhmmm

Too bad that Willy the Janitor was not around with his video camera when Deal Hudson was sposedly putting the moves on little mis thing. But since ole' Willy was not able to save this poor CathiBaptist, we have yet another Mea Culpa from a member of the party of Family Values. Newt, which wife are you on?

David D. Kirkpatrick, New York Times
August 19, 2004

Deal W. Hudson, the publisher of the conservative Roman Catholic journal Crisis and the architect of a Republican effort to court Catholic voters, said he is resigning as an adviser to the Bush campaign because of a Catholic newspaper's investigation into accusations of sexual misconduct. The accusations involve a student at a college where he once taught.

"No one regrets my past mistakes more than I do," Hudson wrote in a column posted Wednesday on the online edition of National Review announcing his resignation. "At the time, I dealt with this in an upright manner and the matter was satisfactorily resolved long ago," he wrote, without specifying the accusations. Hudson, 54, said he had been happily married to his current wife for 17 years. Called for comment, he declined.

I know, I just hope that your regret eclipses that of Jimmy Swaggart tear stained confession of yeilding to temptation. But Deal, just between you and me I know that it was just a Gummi Bear on her ass that you were after and not the ass itself.