Wednesday, August 18

Back to the Future, Ahead to the Past

Presidential Sock puppet, Smirky McBubblehead, lets us know how much hea cares about our future safety, by grabbing a piece of history. the following is from the WaPO via Digby.
RIDLEY PARK, Pa., Aug. 17 -- President Bush reaffirmed his administration's commitment to building an antimissile system, accusing opponents of the program of "living in the past."
He must be talking about that "Star Wars" program that Teller sold us as feasable, and that got Reagan all hot and bothered. No one who is qualified to speak of the technology claims that it will work, without Billions upon billions and years and years of research. There has never been a single sucessful trial run, even the ones where we rigged the game and made it as easy as possible. Got to love Dubya's command of the cliche.
Although Bush did not mention his Democratic rival by name on Tuesday, his speech here at a Boeing Co. plant included a thinly veiled attack on John F. Kerry's stance on missile defense. "I think those who oppose this ballistic missile system don't understand the threats of the 21st century," he told 1,400 cheering Boeing employees and supporters.
I don't think Georgie understands the threats posed by a 21st century pretzel, let alone any other dangers. In fact I am not sure that georgie could distinguish his ass, from a random hole in the ground, with a mexican standing in it still digging away. "Why would my ass have a mexican fella in it?" Ya too bad that missle defense system can't shoot down missles, let alone, planes, or, detect and disable a suitcase nuke, or protect our ports, borders, chemical plants, water treatment facilities, combat cyber terror, protect us from biological or chemical warfare. I am sure there are some others that I missed, but aside a major league cash injection for the military industrial complex, what is this defence system good for. Given that it is a one purpose tool, that fails to successfully accomplish it's purpose, it just sounds like corporate welfare to me.
Standing on a platform flanked by two Chinooks, Bush said foes of the missile system are "living in the past. We're living in the future. We're going to do what's necessary to protect this country. We say to those tyrants who believe they can blackmail America and the free world: You fire; we're going to shoot it down."
Can someone inform the dauphin that this thing wont take care of shoulder mounted missle systems, and besides Russia and China, who has the capability to hit us with an ICBM, Israel, North Korea, maybe. By the time this thing is working, China will be exercising economic hegemony on the world stage and we will be living in a third world country/banana republic, watching our wages drop to the point where India can outsource jobs to us, if we are lucky. Well let george tell you some more.

"Thems what agin me livin in the past times, Thems what fer me livin in the tomorryland."

What is it about these guys and their failure to understand that the terrorist threat is assymmetric and not state based. These guys remind me of the generals of WWI who stuck to their nineteenth century tactics in the face of 20th century military hardware to the devestation of millions of soldiers. It always takes the old guard a while to wake up. Jesus, we are talking about the oldedst of the old guard here. Edward Teller was a manhatten project physicist, credited by some for coming up with the solution for imploding the nuclear material so fission would start. He, as a dottering old fool was the one scientist who gave full backing of a missle defence plan, slobbered all over by another dottering fool, Reagan.

Given that this administration is also filled with fools from the Reagan era, presently dottering and slobbering, it is no wonder why we are failing in the war on terra, we're at least 5 decades behind the 8-ball as far as followship is concerned, and this without a leader.