Thursday, August 19

Promises Promises

You know, when bush's lips start moving, expect misrepresentation, prevarication, the old bait and switch. Yesterday at a loyalty oath rally in Wisconsin, bush proposed a new education plan for members of the National guard and Reservists, who have served 90 days or more.
He proposed to increase monthly education benefits for all Guard members and reservists on active duty for more than 90 consecutive days.
Let me make a couple of guesses. First, the final wording of the plan will state that it is not retroactive, and second, Guard and Reserve forces, will be rotated out after 88-89 day tours. With bush, you see words mean things, just not what you think they mean.
He said he disagreed with Kerry, who he wants to begin withdrawing U.S. troops from Iraq within six months of taking office. Bush said it would send the wrong message to U.S. enemies, who say 'Fine, I'll stay six months and one day.'
This is the cutest of his new one-liners, "Fine, I'll stay........" must have been a laugh riot when they came up with that soundbite, now for some real hilarity, that is if you really think that it is remotely plausible that the Iraqi's trust our motives.

"It sends the wrong signal to our troops," Bush continued. "It sends the wrong signal to the Iraqis. You see they're watching carefully. They're wondering whether or not we will stand with them as they do the hard work for a free society.

"So long as I'm the president when America gives its word, America will keep its word."

Hey buddy, Uhm, you see, nobody really believes our word, after we uhm failed uhm to deliver on the WMD thingy. And well we pretty much failed to deliver on our promices of reconstruction, now matter how many time Pickles trots out the freshly painted schools theme.

It really wouldn't suprise me if devinley inspired precognition, Romans carved BVSH on the cross on which Christ was crucified, If not they should have. Is there any symbol that these guys won't appropriate?