Tuesday, September 21

From Gods mouth to your Ears

This is a first, but given the state of the "National Media" Ill take what I can get. From the vaunted temple of journalistic integritude, The National Inquirer, come the latest about George and his l'affair du Cocaine, and I haven't even gotten that far in the Kitty Kelly book. So lets have a looksee shall we? In a large point headline that screams "New Proof Bush Snorted Cocaine" we find out about bush and cocaine, suprised? didn't think so.
While President George W. Bush's spokespeople are denying the allegation in Kitty Kelley's new book that Bush used cocaine, an ENQUIRER investigation has tracked down others who are making similar bombshell charges!

One source, author Toby Rogers, said a former member of George Bush Sr.'s staff revealed to him that George W. used cocaine and "has been out of control since college."

The issue that goes on sale Friday explores Kelley's charge that George W. did cocaine at Camp David while his father was President, that First Lady Laura Bush sold marijuana in college ... and much more.

Published on: September 17, 2004

Of course it's a tease, but it is our tease, and something that will keep the heads spinning in Freeplandia. Yeeehaaaaaaw