Tuesday, September 21

Transcript from MSGOP interview of Kerry foreign policy adviser Susan Rice.

I won't be doing this any time soon, transciption is hard work. I was compelled after listening to some stupid questions to do this here thing and provide it for the edification of anyone who is interested. I will probably come back in a bit and add some snarky goodness, but for the time being I will take a break, and take a look at the U.N. speech.
MSNBC post UN speach analysis. Bimbette form MsGOP and Susan Rice Kerry foreign policy adviser.
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Bimbette:......A conciliatory tone, a thankful tone, for the help in the war on terror, but also affirming the United States commitment to democracy around the world, your reaction?

Susan Rice: Well I think this speech was, unfortunately, quite dissappoiting. There's a pattern here, every year george bush goes to the United Nations and he gives a speech, filled with lofty rhetoric and promises. And those promised are never met by action, let me give you some examples. He finally used the word genocide to describe the situation in Darfur Sudan, but the US action is to do nothing , it is to pass a toothless resolution in the security council, with no sanctions, no deadline, nothing to force action, to halt the genocide. He talks about debt and how important that was, but offered no initiatives for relieving the debt of the worlds poorest countries. He talked about democracy and pledged a democracy fund, but he didnt say how much the US would contribute to that fund. And he didn't tackle the greatest threats to democracy that we are witnessing on the planet, he says nothing when Vladimir Putin rolls back democracy in Russia, he sides with the wrong team uh when democracy is undermined in haiti, his words don't match his actions, unfortunately, and thats a very dangerous thing in a world where we face so many threats.

Bimbette: He has argued and has said forcefully that the united states has been consistant in its policy, that the US wil continue to stay the course, and polls show that thats one of the problems for your candidate, that perceptions are that he has changed his mind not just over the course of years, but over the course of months and weeks, and particular in his stand on what to do about the war in Iraq. What do you say to that?

Susan Rice: I think this a very interesting phenominon, george bush talks about consistancy and staying the course and he is more vacillating in his approach to iraq than anyone could imagine. He's changed the rationale for going to war more times than any of us can count....[Bimbette interupts trying to wedge her rovian talking points but Susan soldiers on-because of the interuption and crosstalk this will be tough, but I want susan to speak her peace]....he says we are going to go into fallujah and kill the folks there and then he doesn't do it. [I am not gonna bother trying to figure out what bimbette was trying to ask, but Susan was able to make her point]

Bimbette: I, I'm sorry but I just want I just want to make the point, the polls don't support what you are saying, the American people in growing numbers, supporting his policies, do you think it is that your candidate is not getting his message out as well as he should?

Susan Rice: No I think the American people are going to be paying close attention to the situation in Iraq, and they are going to see as we proceed through the coming weeks, the unfortunate reality which is, that Iraq is a dangerous mess and getting messier. President Bush is trying to Happy talk his way through the situation, the reality doesn't match his words and when the American people focus on that, and focus on the fact that george bush still at this late date has no plan to bring our troops home in success, has no plan to go after Osama bin Laden, and al Quaida, the primary threat we face, when they recognise that george bush has dangerously diverted us from the real war on terrorism, to put our military and our intelligence and our financial resourses
into Iraq, where there are no weapons of mass destruction, no links to al quaida, and now were in a terrible bog. they will realise that it time for new leadership in this county that GB has taken us in the wrong direction, that its time for a new direction and that John Kerry and John Edwards offer a smart tough approach to win the war on terrorism, succeed in Iraq an make america safer.

Bimbette: Your candidate laid out a four point plan for Iraq yesterday, very ambitious plan, but many analysts are questioning whether or not the proposals are realistic or even all that new. The bush administration has tried some of these approaches before, and was unable to pull them off what makes you think that John Kerry can accomplish these things in the international community?

Susan Rice: Well the main thing that has caracterised g-dubs handling of the post war phase in Iraq is Incompetance. Yes george bush talks about elections he talks about training Iraqi security personel, even today he talked about the need to bring our allies to our side, but he's not doing anything. Let me give you an example; rather than have a line in his speech at the UN about the need for countries to join us, why doesn't he take the time while he's up their with over a hundred world leaders, bring them together in a summit, and use his diplomatic muscle to get them to contribute. Instead of claiming as Don Rumsfeld did that we have 210,000 Iraqis trained when we only have 5000, why dont we give General Petraeus, the general on the ground whose supposed to be leading the training of iraqi's, the personel and the resourses he needs to get the job done.

Bimbette: Well for example the bush administration has tried to organize a UN protection force for the election staff, couldn't find any country that was willing to contribute, even with the support and pleas from UN general secretary Kofi Annan, do you think that the approach of John Ed uh uh of John Kerry, will be any different?

Susan Rice: Yeah I think it is very important to look at what the administration has done with respect to the uN protection force he passed the resolution four months ago, have you seen Sec Powell or george bush pound the sand, go over seas, talk to foreign, leaders and cut deals to get them to put troops on the ground? No, it's a lot of talk and no action. You know the US has troops on the ground, if it were a priority in extremis to protect the UN couldn't our coalition partners do some of that without bringing more forces in? The reality is we are not doing what it takes to accomplish the mission in Iraq. John Kerry knows precisely what we need to be doing today, what he'd be doing if he was sitting in george bush's chair, we are all waiting for george bush to tell us how he's is going to get us to success in Iraq, bring our troops home with honor, with their mission truly accomplished. instead he's playing word games, he's trying to confuse the american people, to divert attention to the very unfortunate and worrisome reality that we are in a messy situation in Iraq due to george bush's wrong choices, and he has no plan whatsoever to get us out and accomplish our mission.

Bimbette: Another doctor Rice, Condeliza Rice, national security advisor, made the point this morning that this new government has only been in place three months, our expectations perhaps, are the expectations of the Kerry campaign too high about where we should be at this point after just three months.

Susan Rice: I dont think so, lets remind us just who is setting these high expectations, it was the Bush administration that said once we transfer sovereignty in June to the Iraqi government we will be on the path to democracy. Do you know the sad reality is, attacks on our forces have increased enormously in the period after the transition to sovereignty, back in march there were 700 attacks on US personel, in Iraq, in the month of August there were 2700 attacks a 400% increase it's getting more and more dangerous, its the Bush administration that's doing the happy talk, John Kerry is out there telling the American people the truth about the hard realities we face in Iraq, and sharing with them a concrete plan to bring success to Iraq, and bring our troops home.

Bimbette: Well the president has two potentially very influential allies on his side and that is the leaders of both Iraq and Afghanistan, let me play you a clip from what prime minister allawi has to say. [proceeds to show wrong clip-part of GB speech at the UN]--Well obviously that was not the sound bite I was looking for, but the president has this visual image, he's going to be meeting with both the leaders of both Iraq and Afghanistan, isn't it a powerful message to send to the world out there and to terrorists to say Saddam Hussein is not in power anymore, take a look, we have a new government in place, we're moving forward?

Susan Rice: We're all very greatful that Saddam Hussein is not in power anymore, but the question is are we safer, is the United States safer? did we make the right choice by diverting our attention and resources from the fight against AQ. AQ recall is the organization of Osama Bin Laden, the leader, who killed 3000 Americans three years ago. Instead we are rebuilding a country, and building a democracy, and nation building in Iraq, which posed no threat to the United States, no immenant threat no Weapons of Mass Destruction, no link to AQ. Was that the right choice? John Kerry believes that that was a dangerously wrong choice, a profound diversion from the central threat we face,the central war we must fight, we are there however and we must do our best to succeed, but george bush has led us in a very dangerous and wrong direction. I think it's wonderfull that he'll have some nice photo ops in the rose garden this week with prime minister Allawi and others, but I hope the american people ask the president in the course of this week, what is he going to do besides take the photographs, what is he going to do to bring concrete sucess to our mission in Iraq, bring our troops home in honor, how are we going to get out of the mess that he has created, and how are we going to fight and win the war on terrorism more effectively? John Kerry and John Edwards have a plan that's smart and tough to win the war on terrorism. They know that AQ and Osama Bin Laden have to be the priority of the United States, and that george bush's choices have led us in a very dangerous and wrong direction.

Bimbette: It is an important debate that will continue throughout this campaign. Susan Rice senior foreign policy advisor to the Kerry campaign, thank you for being with us this morning.