Tuesday, September 21

Norquist, what a dull tool is He

Cribbed with full diligence from Eschaton via Kos.
The Greatest Generation is Anti-American

Over at Kos, ManfromMiddletown gives a translation of a recent interview with the always cuddly Grover Norquist in El Mundo, which I've confirmed with another Spanish speaker:

When asked about if he thought Democratic Party was coming to an end Norquist told Pablo Pardo of El Mundo that:

"Yes, because in addition their demographic base is shrinking. Each year, 2 million people who fought in the Second World War and lived through the Great Depression die. This generation has been an exeception in American history, because it has defended anti-American policies. They voted for the creation of the welfare state and obligatory military service. They are the base of the Democratic Party. And they are dying. And, at the same time, all the time more Americans have stocks. That makes them defend the interests of business, because it is their own interest. Because of that, it's impossible to bring to the fore policies of social hate, of class warfare."
This From the we dont need government guy. To a couple of respondant at the Eschaton.

My Dad died this January. A good union man for 45 years (sheet metal worker and later operating engineer), he enlisted in the Navy in September of 1941 and was in Pearl Harbor and all but one of the major battles in the Pacific.

Every year at Thanksgiving -- no matter the venue -- when we would go around the table to say what we were thankful for, my dad would always stand up, raise his glass and give his traditional toast "I'm thankful I never voted Republican!"

Well, he's dead and won't be voting, but he left three sons who married and had 7 kids and wives (two who came from "R" backgrounds). Of those 13, 9 are of voting age (2 for the first time) and ALL ARE VOTING AND ALL ARE VOTING ONLY FOR DEMOCRATS.

Once again, these arrogant, over reaching Republican bastards ignore the inconvenient truths. By the way, I kept my Dad's back seat crow bar and Grover's ass is a perfect place to park it.
Egg | Email | Homepage | 09.20.04 - 11:13 pm | #

Right on, Egg. And a toast to your Dad. A toast also to my Democrat voting Dad who died of a massive heart attack the first day Junior's ill-conceived invasion of Iraq.

I just have to say, on re-reading this Norquist quote, (a that it has got to be the most jaw dropping, forehead slapping, spine tingling, sphincter clenching piece of depraved detritus I've ever seen here (and I've seen quite a few doozies).

How is it possible that a goniff like this could ever be taken seriously enough to be trusted with taking out the garbage, much less being a major GOP influence?!?

This is an insult that cannot be allowed to stand.
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