Friday, December 24

Jack and Ptolemy

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Another shot of Jack in the pink shirt, ai't he Cute?

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Ptolemy had to check out the snow conditions for himself, he was not going to accept my word on the issue. Actually he is lucky he did not find himself tossed into the deep stuff

Jack in pink shirt

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Thursday, December 23

Jacks Wintertime Adventure.

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This is the beginning of Jacks Adventure, the staging area as it were.
The problem is that Jack did not know that a 12-14 inch tall cat will dissappear in 17 inches of snow.

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As you can see, this is the landing zone, and the beginning of the terrifying adventure, and at first he tries to move the the long way around, bails from that mission, and tries the short way, and as I just happen to be loaning our Snow Shovel to some neighborhood kids, I hear the plaintive howling, as the mighty effort to free himself gets underway.

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This is a shot of the last part of the struggle and the trough created by Jack's girth, And while he paused to catch his breath during the final moments of struggle, an unexpected fit of laughter rendered impotent, any efforts to save the poor boy. Once back on solid ground Jack was able to Rocket into the house to get as far as possible, away from that demon snow. Something tells me that I will have to throw Jack and/or his brother Ptolemy into the snow to get some black kitty snow frolicking pictures for Catblogging tomorrow.

That's it, I won't torment poor Jack with his boggyman, Ptolomy will get that pleasure, but Jack will be wearing his Pink princess shirt.

Wednesday, December 22

Xmas Kitty Highlarity.

Thanks to Four Legs Good for pointing out this Absolutely Hilarious Webpage devoted to a couple of cats helping with the installation of the Christmas Tree. Check it out, I guarentee it will bring you smiles.