Friday, May 25

They ask Questions

My good friend Sally who I met first in the comments at Balloon Juice a couple of weeks ago, who proceeded to follow me to Sadly, No!, tried to get my attention by liking some of my comments at the Alicublog left a question for me in the comments of the post below.
Kent, Just wonderin', since you're so obsessed with George Tierney, do you think the same justice should be served for your dishonestly cheating other honest students by writing papers for slackers in high school and college? I mean, you've put it out there on a blog with your picture, so it's public information, right?
First, let's deal with Tierney.

Honey pie, it is human nature to stare at trainwrecks and marvel at clown cars. So when you happen across a guy on the internet who has managed to stuff both of his feet into his mouth and keeps chewing, reaches his knees, grunts his approval, and keeps chewing, only deciding to stop chewing once he recognizes that his penis is slapping the underside of his chin, which he fears, might make him gay...Let's just say that it is like watching a car filled with clowns driving a runaway freight train into an ammo dump. If you are not fascinated by that spectacle, then you might have a problem that is beyond the scope of this post.

As far as Obsession is concerned i would disagree with your choice of usage in this case but since you brought it up, it is pretty clear that you are obsessed with me, what with chasing me around three different blogs, or four, and trying desperately to get my attention by any number of creative means. I like your pluck and verve and don't think I don't notice, I just generally choose to ignore you.

Now to the heart of the matter, my crimes and whether justice should be served. First, I did not write any papers for any other high school slackers other than my own damn self. As far as the work on a couple of papers in college are concerned I did on occasion help friends flesh out ideas and offered editing assistance that might have officially crossed the line on a couple of occasions in the service of friendship, so sue me.

I am sure that those trangressions make what Tierney said, repeatedly, with his mouth, seem like a walk in the field picking daisies for mom by comparison in your mind.

So what justice would you have me served exactly. I mean if you can drag a bunch of wingnut traffic to my blogs and want to have a howlfest in my comment section have at it. Otherwise you are talking about apples and oranges, dollars and donuts.

Sally, I just want you to know that I appreciate your genuine and heartfelt "concern" and the attention you pay me. I thought the following exchange was priceless:

g said: Jeebus, Kent, I'm sorry that mean-spirited twit Sally followed you here. I like the photo of you - and the life story. You should write a memoir.
sally said: g, What have you done for Kent other than paying him hand-job compliments? You're encouraging him to waste more time on the internet seeking approval from folks who won't ever matter to him in finding a job. If you think that's benefiting him, you're sadly mistaken.
At the Codpiece we are well aware of how deep a force Projection is among the Wingeratti and in this case given the amount of time that Sally has expended chasing me around the internets I feel the following offering from Shakespeare would be appropriate:

 "The lady doth protest too much, methinks." 


Wednesday, May 23

Getting Under their Skin

X-Pposted @ Wingularious

You know that you must be doing something right, when you pick up a wingnut stalker and concern troll who will follow you from site to site, attempt different tactics to get the attention they so dearly crave.

I have been doing what I usually do once I have exhauted any amusement that might derive from direct contact, which is ignoring the party in question, but I feel like it deserves a shout out, because at this point it might be the person most responsible for the recent uptick in traffic at my blogs.

So I would like to take this time to thank my stalker for spending such energy, time and "concern" mixed in with the occasional insult and gross misunderstanding, and as always, wrapped in a ball of projection.

FWIW participating in a google bomb is not doing opposition research on George Tierney of Greenville South Carolina nor is collecting publicly broadcast information from ones twitterfeed. If you want to be a massive asshat on the internet, then you should be ready to reep what you sow.

Sally, I am truly touched that I am in your thoughts so early in the morning.