Sunday, May 13

The Plutocratic Ouroboros

What follows is my response to a title of a blog post by ABL at Balloon Juice.
Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer Signs Legislation Permitting Employers to Interrogate Female Employees About Contraception Use.

 I dont even need to read the source material to know that Brewer no longer has any need for contraception (though you can be sure that she has used it in the past, and likely taken advatage of a health care plan that helped defray the costs) and her current attitude towards it, is just one more example of the I got mine, fuck you!, I'll pull up the ladder behind me ("beware of my stilletto heel" warning to anyone still clinging to same by their fingertips) version of confederate party, pseudo-libertarian authoritude.

Demonstrating a complete failure to recognise the thousands of backs upon which she was able to stand to get where she is.

And to think that this bullshit is in service to an agenda of people that have more money and power than they or their families would ever need for a hundred generations of ideal Catholic or mormanistic growth (think 10 kids a family, and when ten million dollars is the equivilent of pocket change, how many generations of replicants do you think you might support).

Most of the Republican leadership knows that they are not gonna be around when the shit hit's the fan (think McConnel R-Dipshit, KY, or your local version of moneybags McGillicutty) or at least know that their way through it will be buffeted by all of the money they have stolen, same for their progeny, though I am beginning to think that many of them have as similar FU attitude toward them (many liberals are formed as the result of conservative upbringing).

In any event I am pissed, and need to have a spot of tea.


In any event a few general questions for the Pluterati (read the 100 millionaires and billionaires) among us: How much fucking money do you need? How much power? Is your insecurity so great that you need to not only stand, but stomp on the backs of millions of hard working people just managing to eke out a living?

What makes the subjugation of everyone else on the planet (save a few close friends, cronies and your mostly useless offspring) a singular goal?

If I had to make a bet, I'd take 2 to 1 odds that It involves overcompensation for an extreme lack of confidence in a very particular area (not necessarily or entirely a veiled penis reference).

You guys are fucking fools who both legs in, find the cartilage around the patella to be interestingly tasty, just wait until you get a taste of your Ozark Oysters.