Friday, May 13

Friday night Chiquita Blogging

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There really is nothing to add. Just too freaking cute.

Friday Bean Blogging.

This is the smallest member of our "herd" and also the most likely candidate as the surgeon responsible for the entrails on the dining room rug. If you look really closely you can see her thumb on the forward facing forepaw. Her five regular toes are covered in the tan fur.

As usual she was moving towards me at the time of the shot so it is not as clear as I would like, and the lighting did not help, but I digress, and present Bean, cold blooded killer and real sweetheart.

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Threatening sky.

Both of these shots were taken 5 minutes ago. It's springtime in South Central Indiana. Right after rolling the dice and taking the bike out to get some milk. A soaking was definately in the offing, but as luck would have it I made it back in time to notice this and avoid the rain.

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It sounds like it is getting stormy out there.

Wooooo Boy, a Putrid Pile of Republican Peccadilloes.

Thanks to my Friend Phila, of Bouphonia and a regular at the Eschaton, did the heavy lifting which I will share with you here. Between jerking off horses and having sex with equine quadropeds, and taking advantage of your wife's Narcolepsy to pleasure yerself, a few things seem to have fallen through the cracks.

Update: Phila say he got half of this material from Armchair Subversive and Political Amazon so please feel free to check out the good work going on over there.

If we're going ot have lots of long posts, they may as well talk about Republicans who fuck children.


Colorado GOP activist Randy Ankeny used the Internets to lure a 13-year-old girl to a house decorated with "numerous photos of President Bush." He photographed her topless, then tried to have sex with her. He accepted her refusal, but said that if she told anyone what had happened he would "ruin her life." Click the link for many, many more stories about this "rising star" in the Republican party.

Phil Giordano, Republican former mayor of Waterbury, CT, is so catastrophically perverted that I had to read the charges against him twice to make sense of them.

The children in question are girl cousins, aged 9 and 10. He is also said to have fathered a 7 year-old boy by the mother of one of these children, meaning he may have been having sex with his son's sister. Also, the teenaged daughter of the mother of these two young girls has said she was paid money by Giordano to watch him have sex with her mother -- in his City Hall office!
Sheesh. Could you run that by me again, this time with sock puppets?

Mark A. Grethen, another "rising star" in the GOP, was found guilty of six counts of forcible sodomy and aggravated sexual battery against children in 2001. That didn't stop the National Republican Congressional Committee from inviting him to receive a "Republican of the Year" award in 2002.

Robert Bauman (R-Md.) had oral sex with a teenage boy.

Republican anti-abortion activist (and Terri Schiavo idolator) Howard Scott Heldreth is a convicted child rapist.

Anti-abortion extremist Nicholas Morency confessed in 2001 to possession of child pornography.

Edison Misla Aldarondo, Republican former speaker of Puerto Rico's house of representatives, molested his step-daughter and raped her friend. Both girls were seventeen at the time.

Richland County Commissioner David Swartz (R-OH) raped two girls who were under eleven years old.

Republican campaign consultant Tom Shortridge took pornographic photos of underage girls.

Republican pastor Mike Hintz, a married father of four, had an affair with a 17-year-old girl from his church's youth group.

Merrill Robert Barter confessed that he sexually assaulted a teenage boy during the Republican State Convention. Barter declined to resign his post as County Commissioner.

GOP election official Kevin Coan was picked up in an Internet sting, after soliciting sex from an investigator whom he believed was a 14-year-old girl.

Republican legislator Peter Dibble was arrested on child sex charges earlier this year.

Republican judge Mark Pazuhanich was convicted of the "indecent assault" of a 10-year-old girl.

Republican assembly candidate Richard Gardner was found guilty of molesting his daughters, but argued that he was still eligible to run for public office.

Anti-gay activist Rev. Stephen White offered a 14-year-old boy $20 for oral sex.

Anti-abortion extremist John Allen Burt molested underage girls who were living in his "home for unwed mothers."

Conservative talk-show host Jon Mathews was found guilty of "indecency with a child by exposure."

Christian Coalition leader Beverly Russell molested his 15-year-old stepdaughter, Susan Smith, whose later murder of her own children was treated by the Right as evidence of the nation's moral decline under Bill Clinton.

Andrew Buhr, Republican party nominee from the Missouri house, pleaded guilty to oral sex with a 13-year-old boy.

Republican businessman Richard A. Dasen Sr. paid over a million dollars for sex with dozens of young girls, including a 15-year-old. He volunteered at a service called "Christian Financial Counseling," ostensibly to help people who were in financial trouble, which put him in a perfect position to offer desperate women money in return for sex.

Nicholas Elizondo of the Young Republican Federation went to jail for sexually abusing his 6-year-old daughter.

Republican legislative aide Howard Brooks raped a 12-year-old boy, and possessed child pornography.

Republican legislator Keith Westmoreland was found guilty of exposing himself to underage girls. He later killed himself.

Earl Kimmerling became a darling of the ultra-right when he fought tooth and nail to prevent a gay couple from adopting an 8-year-old foster child that had been placed under his care. Kimmerling's pastor and state Republican officials got involved in the case. Kimmerling later confessed to molesting the girl.

Paul Ingram, former head of his county Republican party, went to prison on six counts of child rape.

Pleasant dreams!

Oh, almost forgot...

Republican alderman Mark Harris molested a girl repeatedly between the ages of 11 and 13. Harris initially claimed the abuse was "unintentional." Her father said "Did he have a moral compass? Did he act with a conscience? Did he abide by the laws? No. It wasn't one time. He did it over and over and over."

Now that's an impressively disgusting list. And the party of Projectile Projectitude wants to lecture US on morality?. Go forth and visit his blog, a link should not be difficult to find.

Deana, the Glorious One

She is the mistress of a two cat two dog household, and I am proud to exist in her pantheon of personage, which makes capturing ideal images of her difficult. You see, as I get into position to snap one, she immediately starts in my direction for some lovin'. I seem to have this problem with most of the felines in the extended family, in fact the majority of shots have my feet in them (see last thumb).

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I am definately gonna have to work on my stealth techniques or pray for better shots when it gets hot, and they get lazy.

Tuesday, May 10

My little Metal lathe

This is a shot of a small metal lathe. A handy tool for making all sorts of things. It has been said that the metal lathe is the only machine that could reproduce itself. It was that quote that led me to an interest in machine tools, or maybe that was a rekindling, what do I know, I am an old man now.
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Below are a couple of cubes turned out of round rod, fabricated with the aid of the four jaw chuck, for practice and grins.

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Monday, May 9

Hooray for Everything.

Titled after the superbowl halftime show in a Simpsons episode, the following will mostly be about me. Today I have the pleasure of beginning my 41st trip around the sun. I have to admit that the approach of this milestone has been somewhat unsetteling, as I have pondered the difference between the actual impact my existance has had on the planet, to the one that I once dreamed I would have.

I loathe self promotion and crave candor, but have promised myself, that today I should do some accounting, and indulge the inner Me, Me, Me, and attempt to catalogue some of my achievements. If the plan works out (see first four words in previous sentence) you may hear about an invitation to the Olympic Training Center, the completion of my first bicycle frame a month and a half after being instructed in the operation of the oxy acetylene torch. Maybe something about how I cut my rock and roll chops, in a trio, with a grammy award nominated guitarist or how much fun it is to communicate over long distance with kit built, homebrew, or seriously modified Ham Radio equipment. Possibly you may hear about my journey to computer literacy, or the time when the owner of a local fine dining establishment, asked me to cover for his best cook a couple years after I had last worked in the place, and how I have recently discovered that I am a natural in the machine shop.

OK, now I feel a little sick.

In any event, I will post a couple of possibly interesting things today if I do not get sucked into a day spent at that Blog of ill repute, occasionally referred (actually once, by some idiot LGF'er) to as Haloscam.

I hope that it is as gorgeous a day in your neck of the woods, as it is in mine.